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Power Kite Buggy $499.00

Peter Lynn Kite Buggy Competition ST

If you are looking for one buggy that does it all for the right price, the Peter Lynn Comp ST is the ideal first buggy. It’s light enough for two-wheel riding and basic jumps and strong enough to withstand the abuse for years to come. This buggy is the standard which other buggies are measured by these days. It works great with the HQ Beamer and the other traction kites we offer as well.

Peter Lynn Comp Kite Buggy
Peter Lynn Comp Kite Buggy

The first time we tested this buggy we were duly impressed at the speed at which we got up to. One tester was hitting over 50 and the buggy was still pretty stable. This buggy can handle all types of terrain and speed – everything up until the most extreme of maneuver – then you’d want to move up to the other more advanced buggies we offer.

The Peter Lynn Comp ST is constructed with strong stainless steel tubing and a single bolt locks the entire frame in place. It remains a perfect choice because it excels in the three most important thing a buggy should – durability, adjustability and east of use. The buggy can als be upgraded or fit with a wide range of accessories like wider axles, front forts and down tubes.

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Competition ST Kite Buggy Features

  • Geometry and center weight balanced for easy riding and cruising.
  • Double crown front fork for added durability and strength
  • One-bolt adjustable downtube connection.
  • 12 mm rear sealed cartridge style bearings, for an extra smooth ride and durability.
  • Various upgrades available to make the buggy fit your style of riding.
  • Wheel base: 106-117 cm (41.75 – 46″)  Track: 102 cm (40″) adjustable
  • Axle width: 94 cm (37″) . Tire size: 16 x 4 x 8″ or 16 x 6.5 x 8″
  • Wheel rims 8 x 2.5″ Plastic with sealed ball bearings. Axle bolts: 12mm
  • Seat width between rails: 50 cm (19 .75″). Seat length: 45 cm (17.75″)
  • Down-tube length 38 cm (15″) adjustable. Side rail length: 67 cm (26.5″)
  • Weight: 14 kg (31 lbs) w/ standard tires.
The Peter Lynn Kite Buggy

The Peter Lynn Kite Buggy

Some nice additional features include an upgraded seat with a cushy padded lower backrest with durable, coated fabric. The riding position can now be fully adjusted for optimum comfort (fully back) or for free-style (fully forward). The ‘free-style’ buggier has the center of gravity properly balanced in the middle of the buggy.

Overall our review is that this Peter Lynn Comp ST buggy is suitable for free-style long-distance, high speed crusing and other disciplines. This makes it a great value for the money for this truly versatile power kite buggy.

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