HQ Matrix Land.Snow.H2O

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HQ Matrix Land.Snow.H2O $1349

HQ Matrix Kite

Introducing the new HQ Matrix kite. This kite has both the ability to launch on water (like the HQ Hydra and HQ Neo) with the high-aspect freestyle performance of the new HQ Montana. In short. the HQ Matrix kite offers responsive turning and unmatched lift performance.


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HQ Matrix Kite

HQ Matrix a new kite is about to make it presence soon this year. This seems to be yet another happy
news for the outside enthusiast as the new powerful kite from HQ called HQ Matrix is all about to get emerged from mid 2012which has certainly picked up the attention of the entire kite surfers.

The best thing about this HQ Matrix is that is mixes the closed cell style and look of the previous prominent style
of NEO together with the high aspect freestyle performance of a Montana 6. According to the reports it
looks like that the kite will be coming launched out in various sizes giving more options for the surfers to
choose from which includes 9m, 12m, and 15m.

According to the experts point of view regarding this brand new kite is that it is sure to pull the attention
and it certainly look much new in all aspect and also considered to be fast turning kites where pro surfers
could perform several lift, float and various stunts up in the water. Those who are looking for to great
adventures with their kites then surely HQ Matrix is the must one they one should hold before entering into the water.

However many claims that the new HQ Matrix is a replacement of Neo2, but its not true it is a new
product from the family of HQ focused mainly to bring a much higher aspect ratio kite.

The New HQ Matrix Kite readily features a more efficient profile for low wind riding, extra thin bridle lines for reduced drag and
more power per square meter of sail.

HQ Kites Matrixx Kitesurfing Kite

The 2016 HQ Matrixx is the ultimate kite to deliver high performance on land, water and snow.?? It is one of the best performing closed-cell foils in the industry, excelling on land, snow and water.? The Matrixx offers an intelligent speed system with an extremely efficient profile and extra thin bridle lines.

The effective power per square meter of the HQ Matrixx is unmatched.? It’s a great choice for light wind riding as well as boosting and getting big airs when there is good wind also.

Features of the HQ Matrixx include:

  • Bombproof quality of materials
  • Minimized drag with the use of extra thin bridle lines
  • Three pulley intelligent speed-system
  • Massive depower and wind range

HQ accessories included:

  • Compact and durable backpack
  • De-power control bar
  • Colored Y-line set attached and ready to fly
  • Multilingual de-power kite quide
  • Sizes offered:? 9.0 M (Red), 12.0 M (Blue), 15.0 M (Green)

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HQ Matrix Kite