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Carol asks…


Okay so i’m not having any luck with the wakeboarding (Bahrain Yacht Club dont offer this any more and Al Bander membership fees are very high), so my fall back choice is Kitesurfing.

I was told that Skate Shack were the people to talk to about lessons. I called in there (Nice guys) but they do not do lessons on a friday, which is my day off.

Can anyone tell me where else I could look to find kitesurfing lessons ?

Also someone told me about a place called “Pearl Beach Club” in Bahrain that may do wakeboarding, I cant find any info about this place on the internet ? Has anyone heard of it before ?

Its possible that I may have gotten the name wrong, Ill look into the marina club now thanks !
Odd, somehow I missed the Marina club’s name in your answer last time around. I must have been asleep reading the message ! :)

Do you know of any other guys that offer Kiteboard lessons too Red Dragon ? I may as well try both I think if I can !
I found out why we couldnt find anything on the Pearl Beach Club Red Dragon. I was wrong. Its called the CORAL Beach club, not pearl.

I’m just looking into it now. Thanks for your help.

kiteboarding answers:

Did you check the Marina Club?

I checked regarding the Pearl Beach Club and no one heard of it. I even checked with Batelco for their contact number, but they seem not to have any information regarding the club. Are you sure it’s in Bahrain?

Donald asks…

How do I start a kitesurfing school?

Do I need certifications to become an instructor? Would I need insurance? Are there grants available? What type of licensing would I need to run this kind of school? Any other information about starting a kitesurfing school is needed.

kiteboarding answers:

Ideally if you want to do this correctly yes, the British Kitesurfing Association offer instructor training courses, once you are a senior instructor you can then run a kite school. To become a senior instructor takes at least 6months.

Yes you definitely need 3rd party insurance for yourself and anyone who you would be training.

If you want to stick to one particular brand of kite equipment for your school then i am sure that the manufacturer would provide you with discounted equipment, especially if you are buying a lot to start the school

Ken asks…

What is the best coast line for kitesurfing Holiday?

I’m good kitesurfer and want to visit NZ in next few months, probably Feb. Can’t find much information on kitesurfing schools or accommodation on the internet! I’m really asking what side of NZ is good to kitesurf?

kiteboarding answers:

I’ve been to Auckland, Wellington and the South island. Wellington is very good for kite surfing, the tip of The South Island is also very good. Have you Google it?

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