World’s Lowest Price Guarantee

It may sound bold but we offer the best price on that product in the world. We have checked it against all the other online kite shops and retailers we could find we have the lowest price found anywhere.

How Can We Offer the Lowest Price Anywhere?

Economies of scale. We place large orders, we get them direct from the factory to our warehouse. This saves us lots on the shipping costs. First of all it much less expensive to ship in bulk and second, we cut out the middle man and ship direct to you.So a big cost savings to you.

That is How We Can Not Charge Shipping to You, Our Customer

The result? We can sell our products at much less than any one else can do it.

And if for some reason you do see it advertised for less with a shop anywhere in the world , then we will match that price or beat it. Just remember that we have already factored in the free shipping and no tax.