Why Do We Only Sell HQ Kites?

Alot of people have asked us lately…

Why Do We Only Sell HQ Power Kites?

The answer is pretty simple, we’ve tried other kites such as the Best trainer kite, the Flexifoil, the Sensei, etc and they are decent kites but not as durable or fun to fly as the HQ kites.

When customers bought the other brands, they were complaining that there kite lines would stretch out too quickly. Also that some hard landings would damage those kites. That never happened with the HQ kites- we’ve never had single warranty claim because they just don’t break. They take the abuse and just keep flying. I’ve seen a kite crash with full force from the top of the zenith into a stone parking lot in 40mph winds and then reverse launch up and keep flying.

why power kites direct sell hq power kites

HQ Rush Trainer Kite

The other big factor was the the amount of fun the HQ Kites are to fly. Those other kites taught the basics of flight but didn’t have the same tight control as the HQ kites. There is a certain crisp feeling to flying an HQ kite that other kites don’t seem to have. I’m sure there is an engineering reason as to why that is, but really it’s easier to see in people’s reaction. People just love these kites and fly them for years. There is almost never one for sale because people don’t want to get rid of them.

It all comes down to customer satisfaction really. Our customers always seemed happier with the HQ brand so stopped offering other kites and focused on what made them happy.

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