What is Kiteboarding? – Learning to Kiteboard

What is Kiteboarding? 

You may be asking yourself, what is kiteboarding is a relatively new sport. The innovation behind kiteboarding is what makes it unique and the freedom it promotes is truly an awesome feeling. The easiest way to describe it may be to compare it to a few other sports. It is a lot like a combination of paragliding, wakeboarding, windsurfing, surfing, and snowboarding. It is most like wakeboarding, except as a kiteboarder, you are also “driving the boat”.
what is kitebording
Kiteboarding relies on the wind to power the kite. The kite looks like a small paraglider. There is a leading edge and a trailing edge to the kite. The lines that connect the kite to the bar are usually about 30 meters long and incredibly strong. Harnesses that riders use to alleviate the pressure of holding all that power connect to the kite through a loop attached to the bar.This loop is called the “chicken loop” and serves as a means of connecting the trailing edge to the rider. This way the control bar is what controls the angle the wind enters the kite and will determine how much power is available.

What is Kiteboarding?

The steering is all done with a control bar that is attached the rider with a harness. This may not be new to you if you already have a passion for the sport and felt your adrenaline raise and blood pump the site of these riders launching off a wave 30+ feet in the air.One of the mistakes people make when first learning to kiteboard is the desire to steer the kite like a car by moving the control bar in a circular motion. Unlike a car, the kite can only be steered by adjusting the angle of attack which is done by moving the bar using the central connection point as a pivot in a back and forth motion.

So wait a minute, what is kiteboarding then?

The best way to experience kiteboarding and learn what kiteboarding feels like would be to take a lesson. This allows for an introduction to the sport in a controlled, safe environment. Learning to kitesurf will open doors to some amazing experiences. A close second to a lesson would be a practice kite. Leveraging both a lesson with a professional and a practice kite for follow up sessions is perhaps the fastest way to gain enough kite control to feel comfortable getting into kiteboarding. With the help of a trained professional instructor,you never need to ask what is kiteboarding and kiteboard has never been easier.

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