Used Gear

Used Kiteboarding Gear

There are currently have only one item in our Used Kitesurfing Equipment in stock.

For sale:

2012 RRD Obsession. 9 and 12. 12 was used once for an hour. 9 is brand new.

2011 Blade Trigger – never used.

2011 Cabrinha Custom board 143

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A lot of people want to buy used gear when they start kitesurfing.  While this is usually a good idea for many sports it really isn’t for kiteboarding under many condition (like Ebay – where pictures don’t tell the whole story). All of our gear is tested and certified and typically only used a couple of times for reviews. Here’s a few reasons why it’s not so good:

  • Sun, salt water, wind and packing can do a lot to shorten the life of a kite -especially if the previous owner didn’t take care of it properly.  You really won’t know until it’s too late.
  • What will happen if you want to return the merchandise? Most sellers won’t take it back and you are out of luck.
  • Many times the reason someone wants to sell their gear is because it no longer works properly. Don’t be the person that buys someone else’s problems.
  • New gear is often near the same price as used when you factor in durability, quality and free and sales tax.
  • You often see what seem like good deals on eBay, Craigslist and locally advertised. But the pictures or seller can be misleading. It’s a ‘buyer beware’ type of situation as there is no quality control.
  • Good kites are an investment for future use.  A trainer kite is something you can use for years and even show you friends or significant other how to get into this fun sport.

Bottom line: We’ve seen a lot of people get hurt by trying to save a few dollars. In the long run, it isn’t worth it.

The new items in our BUY GEAR store are priced similar to used gear but offer increased safety and will last longer.

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