Training Kite

2 Line versus 4 Line
Flying a trainer kite for kite-boarding Trainer kites are available in possibly 2 or 3/4 point styles. Often the kites include only 2 outlines and also the stronger kites (over 3m) include three or four lines. (To re-launch a 2-line kite you’ll have to wander back towards the kite and place that in the right location – notice The way to Travel a Trainer Kite.)

The larger the trainer kite, the stronger it truly is. Bigger kites (upwards and 3m) travel quite easily and feel similar to a kite in comparison to the quick – turning and zippy training kite. One little movement around the club having a 1.8 m^2 Concert may deliver the kite looping in groups.

Bigger kites that have more energy can take you around somewhat and may supply you with also more instruction. You might be capable of using the trainer kite within the water for human body pulling or within the winter for snow-kiting), if you’re a person (or if it’s extremely windy. Usually individuals who acquire a big trainer kite wind up getting more use from it than when they purchased a 1m or 2m kite.

Traveling hooked directly into a kite-boarding harness Harness Trap
Some trainer kites such as the HQ Look have a cycle. This really is basically a cycle which goes in the club in order to travel the kite while sporting a funnel. Purchasing a harness advances your coaching even more by having the ability to travel connected in. Traveling ‘hooked in’ gets the body and hands within the right placement. Often you’ll notice individuals traveling a trainer kite and they will draw the bar above their mind rather than the appropriate location of the bar close to the midsection. Being connected in also lets you fly onehanded that’s actually a must in kiteboarding. In case you are considering engaging in kite-boarding, you’ll require a funnel eventually, if you are seriously interested in getting to the activity, you are better-off purchasing it once you buy a trainer kite.

Some kites include a kind of hand leash. Having a leash, whenever you forget about the pub, the kite may drop to the earth, but it’ll be connected to you personally. With no lead, as soon as you forget about the pub, the kite may travel farther downwind and also you’ll need to pursue it down the shore.

Generally Speaking, you cannot fail with buying a trainer kite. Whether you are considering a 1.8 m^2 Concert or 5 m^2 Look, you’ll be substantially better-off than somebody whose just trainer kite experience was within their lesson. You cannot ever invest an excessive amount of time using a trainer kite.
Beginning can be difficult, particularly in case you’ve got noone to show the fundamentals to you of both power kiting, buggying, landboarding or kite-boarding.

Our educated employees who all fly kites are almost always here in order to assist you, yet to give a head-start to you, Powerkiteshop have picked a number of the greatest instructions available to let you get up and going in the correct way for each place of our activity.

Powerkiting is not rocket science. Instruction for land-based sports was important merely several years back as a result of dearth of security and control methods. Currently, kites are actually more expected, safer and simpler to utilize than previously and the prices of set up’s are actually cheaper. A level of good sense can help you get power kiting safely.

There isn’t any replacement for handson encounter but should you don’t have time for several appointments to the seaside or nearby fields with the instructor simply to discover there being no wind or the problems merely too blustery subsequently the POWER KITING HOWTO MANUAL is likely precisely what you are searching for! This DVD allows you to really teach in your time and let you move through every stage over and over again rather than attempting to understand everything in just one work out!

Regardless of which kind of kite you use or which kind of pushchair or board you trip, the ELECTRICITY KITING HOWTO MANUAL may take you through each manoeuvre detailed, emphasizing tips, common errors and recommendations on which kind of gear might be ideal for you!

You ought to not be put aside on the newest manoeuvres, with added methods, hints and upgrades available free to download from Powerkiteshop! The POWER KITING HOWTO MANUAL could be the single DVD you desire!

Filled with audio, narrative and subtitles choices, this DVD will give the chance to you to study and learn the methods at your own speed.


Areas Include:




INLINE BOARDING – Starting, Going, Ceasing, Downwind Turn, Carving, Toeside, Leaps



Kite Surfing / Kite-boarding / Kite Boarding / Kite-surfing / Instruction / Lessons:

Kite-surfing can be harmful yet, todays kites now are much more predictable, safer and simpler to utilize than previously and the prices ‘ve gotten actually cheaper.

Powerkiteshop still advocate attending one or more kiteboarding session with an experienced educator to enable you to comprehend the fundamentals of the activity and collect to the water with security.

Bearing this in mind nevertheless we’d still advocate getting an exercise DVD in order to return through everything you’ve learned in the afternoon in addition to enabling you to really advance further with the comprehensive DVD’s which are now accessible.


Professional kitesurfers reveal each measure of the training process in a transparent, succinct, and readily replicated manner.

Like a fully authorised IKO educational DVD, you may be assured that Advancement: Beginner will enrich the educational process, being the ideal company to expert education.

Narrative within these languages: English, German, French, Spanish, German, Japanese and Colonial.

Topics covered in Progression: Beginner comprise:

Place and Circumstances, Gear and Language, Kite Setup, Launching and Touchdown, Kite Flying, Body Dragging, Self and Relaunch Rescue, Riding, Waterstart and Remaining Upwind, Change of Course, Leaping

With over 2.5 hours of scrupulous education, slow-motion runthroughs, and frequent problem evaluation, you’ll development to intermediate-level very quickly! Don’t expect to observe the DVD from start to end every moment, merely concentrate in around the parts that you’re presently seeking to improve upon.

So many individuals learn to kite after which fight for weeks or even years attempting to proceed and development through to the fields of kitesurfing that excite individuals to begin with.

The KITEBOARDING PROGRESSION SHOW intention to have you leaping into the heavens, staying upwind, carving turns and riding confidently.


Kite-boarding Training Starting DVD Kite-surfing Kite-boarding Progression Beginner Advanced level Intermediate Expert

Kite-boarding Training Starting DVD Kite-surfing Kite-boarding Progression Beginner Advanced level Intermediate Expert

Kite-boarding Training Starting DVD Kite-surfing Kite-boarding Progression Beginner Advanced level Intermediate Expert

Power Kite Store Getting Started Choices

Picking your gear could be confusing, particularly if you’re purchasing to get a friend, relative or beginning the activity with no understanding.

Our educated employees who all fly kites are almost always here in order to assist you, yet to help you get into the disposition

Power Kiting

Kite Buggying

Kite Landboarding

Snow Kiting

Power Kiting:

Beginning the activity with no understanding?

From novice to advanced level – check-out Powerkiteshop’s POWER KITING STARTING area for things to consider when going into the area of Power Kiting. Including frequently-asked questions.
Kite Buggying:
You’ll find numerous choices to select from when buggying – Freestyle, Racing, Contest, Safari – they could all discover what kind of gear you must purchase.
Take a look at our frequently-asked questions within our KITE BUGGYING GETTING STARTED area to discover what gear might be ideal for you personally!

Picking what panel to really go for when beginning or as the next step could be considered a daunting problem. Free-style, racing or firefox actions may employ various pressures for your gear.

Kite-surfing / Kite-boarding / Kite-surfing:

Kite-surfing isn’t just among the most exhilirating facets of power kiting – it may also become among the most harmful.

Beginning with package that’s also sophisticated or maybe not correctly maintained can cause serious difficulties within the water. Take a look at our KITESURFING GETTING STARTED area for that newest information.

Heading offpiste? Freeriding? Freestyling? Reserving a trip outside using the kit you have? Kite and board collection will determine ways to obtain the very best from the package.

Functionality is the important thing for snow-kiting and it is simple to go into jeopardy with unfavorable weather. Take a look at the SNOWKITING GETTING STARTED area for your newest info.

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