Trainer Kite – Your Key to Quickly Mastering Kitesurfing

Kite surfing which is now an extremely popular sport has become a passion for a lot of sport lovers. As a result more and more people are attempting to master the art of kite boarding. One of the best devices for you to get skilled in kite surfing is the trainer kite. Trainer kites are an excellent way to help you master the sport quickly. So it is most advisable to get yourself a trainer kite as it is the most economical means of pursuing kite surfing.

A trainer kite is a compact kite of around 1 meter square and 3.6 meter square and is extremely helpful to learn the basics of kite boarding. The main advantage of this kite is that it is not very powerful because if the kite is too powerful, it may overpower the fresher. Another benefit of practicing on a trainer kite is that you can protect your brand new kite boarding gear from unwanted scratches and dents that may happen while learning. You will also be able to learn much faster with the help of trainer kites.

The price of a trainer cost varies between one hundred and fifty dollars to two hundred and fifty dollars. And you also get fifteen to thirty hours of practice totally free with it with six hours of lessons which cost about 300 dollars. So the overall cost of a trainer kite just comes up between 450 to 550 dollars.

There are two kinds of trainer kites that are available in the market, namely the foil trainer kite and the inflatable kite. Even though you may feel that an inflatable kite will be a better bet, a foil trainer kite will be more advisable for the following reasons.

•    Foil kites ate cheaper compared to the inflatable ones as they are easier to be manufactured. They do not make use of a harness and come in two, three or four line set ups, from which you can choose according to your pocket.
•    Foil trainer kites are much more long lasting than the inflatable ones. They seem more sturdy and they are designed in such a way that air can escape through the open cells when you come crashing down preventing serious damage to the kite.
•    Foil trainer kites are much easier to practice kite surfing on. Launching and landing of a foil kite is simpler and you can do it alone. And also you can re-launch the three line and the four line foil kites, thus doing away with assistance from anyone else.

The most significant factor when learning to fly your trainer kite is safety. And as such selecting the right place to fly the kite is of utmost importance. Stay away from places with glass, rocks or sticks, because if you happen to lose your control over the trainer kite and you are towed across the ground you can possibly get hurt real bad. Also ensure that there is no one between you and the trainer kite lines as a the lines of a kite that is out of control can cut into human flesh or even cut off fingers, in spite of the fact that it is only a small trainer kite.

So keeping these points in mind you can go about starting your trainer kite exercises and have plenty of fun filled hours of kitesurfing.