Traction Kites And Power Kites History

Traction kites and power kites have just existed since the 70’s. That is not a very long time compared to various other types of kite, like Chinese kites or Box kites. Nevertheless, quite a lot of traction kite development has occurred, therefore it is fascinating to see precisely how much this sort of heavy-pulling kite has come. It is use in a broad variety of athletics has exploded since the turn of the millennium!

Traction Kites And Power Kites History


An extremely critical early strength kite was the Flexifoil. Flexifoil is presently the name of the business.


Created by Ted Dougherty, it had a square outline plus 6 cells. Nevertheless, it was quickly overshadowed by much more complex kites…




The Quadrifoil traction kite was clearly one of the first 4-liners within the background of power kites. Rectangular in abstract, it was initially observed in opposition in 1990. This title became a manufacturer, and several later variants of the first Quadrifoil were sold because the Contest C1 and C3. There is also a Contest X range of Quadrifoil kites range and finally. All these later kites were about elliptical in outline, and were not really created by Ted Dougherty.


Peter came out against the 2-line Peel kite in 1991. Unlike most kites employed for grip, the Peter Lynn styles aren’t parafoils. People were still purchasing the Peel kite in the late 1990s.


Another kite that has been sold within the mid 1990’s was the QuadTrac,


Sticking together with the rectangular outline just like the Flexifoil, the Skytiger kites were secure and dependable traction kites. The first variety was ultimately adopted by the ‘Hi’ collection.


Some designers were creating traction kites for pure speed. They were a little trickier to fly although! In the late 1990s, this is probably the most effective style in the United Kingdom, used a lot in buggy races.




Particularly, a wellknown French firm named Ozone. Therefore that it is not surprising the kites they create are extremely good quality this business has assembled paragliders since the beginning of the activity.


Earlier styles without this attribute flew on only 2 lines, together with the rest of the 2 lines used for steering plus a small number of depowering.


Power kites are becoming more specialized recently. Consider for example, 3 kites from Ozone which were available in 2007. The Ozone Fury is ‘entry level’ significance fine and secure for brand new kite flyers. The Yakusa is designed especially for buggy racing. Even though it was initially created for snow-kiting another style, the Accessibility, comes as an allrounder. With its additional line, it may be depowered forthwith within a crisis. For example, if you’re hit with an extraordinarily powerful gust of wind.


Hope you enjoyed this brief history of power kites. How much farther can designers push the limits of power, lightness and superaccurate building? We have seen relaunchable kites, depowerable kites, the line, so what may be another big thing?


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