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What Customers Are Saying About Power Kites Direct:

I think I’m in love with this kite. Took it out the other day in 20 mph winds and all I can say is it surprised me. I am extremely happy with this kite and the quick shipping from you guys. I will definitely buy from you guys again. Here is a video of me flying the HQ Rush 3 Pro in light wind.
-Stephen Freeman

The HQ Apex kite arrived this evening. ?Looking forward to flying. ?Hopefully I’ll have a favorable learning curve. ?I am very impressed with Power Kites Direct. ?You and your company have been very helpful and professional at every turn. ?Thank y0u for your service and information. ?You have made a loyal Power Kites Direct consumer/fan. ?Look forward to future purchases and guidance as I become a better kiter. ?Have a great holiday season.
Good winds & strong kites,
Kevin Carr

Finally got some good wind. Love the HQ Beamer kite.
Thanks again,

I bought the Rush kite for my husband, he mentioned he wants to learn to kitesurf. He really has learned fast and we all use the kite for fun as well as learning. Great purchase.

-Molly Johnson

My order arrived exactly as I requested. ?Your approach to customer service is unmatched by almost every on-line vendor I’ve done business with over the last 10 years. ?My perception of how you handled the unfortunate timing of my order (2012s out and 2013s unavailable) and the manufacturers delay was that you were completely focused on my satisfaction regardless of what it may cost your business financially. ?You offered several alternative products at a significant discount twice. My ? perception of your unsurpassed customer service became reality when you didn’t ask me to pay the difference between the 2013 product and the 2012 product (I know the 2013s cost you more). ?When I have the need, I’ll turn to you first for Griffin kites.
-Randy Casburn



Flying a Trainer Kite
My first few adventures with the Rush 3 Pro was learning the basics. But after hearing Monday night

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