Tammy Camp Sets World Kiteboarding Record via ‘Crowdfunding’

Tammy Camp Kiteboarding World Record Holder

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) May 18, 2010

Tammy Camp, entrepreneur and adventure traveler, has set a new kiteboarding world record for completed back loops in one minute (60 seconds), and has set a new precedent by raising funds for the attempt via crowdsourcing.

Tammy’s 5 full back loops, all completed within 60 seconds, now represents the standard others will shoot for. The record was set by Tammy on the afternoon of May 9th, 2010, in the kiteboarding hotspot of Cabarete, Dominican Republic. The attempt was filmed, and verified by the Universal Record Database.

In an interesting twist, Tammy raised the funds to attempt and film the record-breaking attempt through the popular crowdfunding site IndieGoGo. The money, raised from names such as John Ferber of Microgiving.com, Kane Ng of Happy Madison Productions, and Tim Ferriss, author of The 4-Hour Workweek, covered costs for travel, equipment, film crews, and the fees of having the record verified.

“Setting a new world record, and entering the sport of kiteboarding into the world record database for the first time, is a huge thrill. Doing it with the help and support of so many people through the crowdfunding platform made it that much better,” said Tammy Camp. “I’m hoping this will bring new excitement to the sport of kiteboarding, and add more credibility and viability to the concept of crowdfunding.”

Crowdfunding, the financing alternative for artists and entrepreneurs alike, leverages the power of groups of people each willing to give a small amount for a cause. These small sums add up when put together, allowing people to support and produce the ideas they want to see, and giving providers the resources and freedom to bring them to fruition. Tammy is a well known proponent of the crowdfunding model.

You can learn more about Tammy Camp by visiting her personal blog at www.tammycamp.com, her twitter page at www.twitter.com/tammycamp, or her lifestreaming site at http://www.lifestream.tammycamp.com.