Surfing Kite Breakthrough: New Design Makes Other Power Kites Obsolete

Surfing Kite Breakthrough

Kite Instructors Weigh In:  Sport Kites That are Land-Only are Now Outdated;

HQ Kites Solves the Biggest Challenge Facing Kitesurfing Kites

For those taking kite lessons with kitesurfing kites, this new surfing kite saves time, money and frustration.  According to John Anderson of, students and instructors have been calling this a ‘breakthrough’ because before they had to use one power kite for the land and a different kite surfing kite for the water. Now, only one surfing kite is needed.

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The HQ Hydra Power Kite is a different type of surfing kite because it utilizes “closed cell” technology on the trailing edge. Special vents let the water escape so the surfing kite can re-launch in water.  This small, but critical, improvement means now this windsurf kite can be used for kite lessons, tubes, boats, kayaks or just as a jumping kite.

And it can be flown in as little as 4 knots.  Students come back from their kite lessons saying, “this kite surfing kite makes me feel like a pro.”  And with good reason.

This is the only Trainer kite for both land and water.

“Forget the complicated kitesurfing kites in the beginning,” says John. “The harness, 4 lines and other attachments only make things more difficult. This surfing kite takes the kite lessons learned on land and simply moves them to the water; where the student uses the same HQ Hydra surfing kite for body dragging and generating enough power to go upwind.  That is much faster and easier than the old system of having to put on the harness and learn about all the new gear just to go out in the water.”

There are two sizes of the HQ Hydra. The 3 meter is fine for anyone who weighs less than 200 lbs and the 3.5 Meter HQ Hydra kite is great for bigger individuals or those who to use the kite for any type of power kite surfing  or as a full-on kitesurfing kite (or even landboarding kite).

John goes on to say, “I have to admit, when we got the HQ Hydra trainer kite at the shop, we were skeptical. But time and time again, students have commented that the third line speeds up the learning curve for  depowering the surfing kite and self launching.  Also the ram-air system doesn’t need to be inflated so it’s more durable and less complicated to maintain.  It’s evident that this windsurf kite is a much cheaper way to get into kite sports because instead of buying a trainer kite and a kite surfing kite, now people  can just buy this one surfing kite and get them both for the price of one.”

There are free kitesurfing videos and kite lessons at

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