StarKites Taina Kiteboarding Kite

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StarKites Taina Kiteboarding Kite $760

Starkites Taina Kitesurfing Kite

The Taina is one of their newest kites developed by Starkites. They’ve utilized this new design in order for the Taina to be very easy to fly for beginner riders, including those just starting to develop their kite skills. It also has excellent crossover for those with a lot of experience under their belt. It’s a lightweight kite with 3 struts making up the frame. With the Taina, Starkites has moved away from the flat bow kite model to the newer delta hybrid. Along with the solid design and construction, the new hybrids allow for an extended de-power and quicker turning compared to older kite designs.

Starkites Taina Review

The 2013 Taina is a great kite for just about any condition we could throw at it – chop, waves, flat water…it handled it all. Something we’ve noticed about this kite is that the same factors that make it excel in wave riding are also what make it a great all-around kite. One of the features that makes this kite so nice in the waves is its ability to stay aloft using a nice downward drift. This is especially good for those days with offshore wind that create those great breaks on the waves. We feel that with some great low-end power and fast turning speed, this kite delivers excellent rides without compromising safety.

The adjustable de-power on this kite also allows for wave riders to get their turns while on the wave without stressing about too much speed or riding overpowered. The reaction of the Taina while steering is quick and efficient, making it easy to steer with one hand which comes in handy on the waves. The Taina can pivot sharply when required. This may have to do with the swept leading edge design and the bridles used by the Taina.

This kite is easy to relaunch which can be a huge plus for beginners or for instructors using these kites to school new riders. Beginners just getting started have a lot on their mind and may not notice the advantages right away. We’ve found that not having to constantly trim this kite will allow new riders to keep their attention on flying the kite, planing, and turning. For those that are more advanced, trimming the kite is easy and will allow for some great unhooked ride in or out of the waves.

The Taina boosts very well for a kite with such low end power. We were impressed with the level of control built into the kite. It never felt out of control as some kites do. It’s been described by other riders as a “safe” kite in that the boosting ability was there, but not overbearing.

Even with the smaller sized kites, we felt there was plenty of uptake potential within the kite for more power. This was clear in the boosting as well as giving a surge of power anytime we wanted it. It may have to do with the physics of the delta hybrid design, but whatever the reason, Starkites did a great job with this one.

Some highlights Starkites Taina Test Review

  • solid feel, bar pressure can be customized
  • excellent for wave riding
  • bridle system simple and clean
  • new delta hybrid design
  • direct controlled steering
  • one-pump bladders
  • great all-around kite, can be used for schools & beginners

Starkites as a company has done a solid job in keeping the costs down while maintaining a high level of construction using quality materials for their kites. We expect this trend to continue as Starkites keeps developing and improving their line of kites. They have improved as to their attention to detail and overall approach as a relatively new player to the kite manufacturing arena.

The Taina fits with what Starkites has tried to do with creating kites that will work for multiple rider levels. Freeriders, wave surfers, schools, and beginner to advanced riders can get a lot from this kite. The local conditions where you ride will always play a part on how many kites you’ll need, but for the amount of money you’ll spend, it may be tough to get a kite this solid.

star kites taina kiteboarding kite sale2013 taina star kites

Starkites offers the 2013 NEX Bar. It’s comfortable and engineered very well. There may not be too much to say about the bar except that it compliments the kite very nicely. Our only complaint, and admittedly it’s a small one, is that the trimming system above the bar requires a bit of a reach. This could be how we had it adjusted on the specific day, but before diving the kite, trim it just a bit for the initial conditions and the minor adjustments you’ll need to make as you ride should be easy to make.

The Starkites pro riders use the 2013 NEX Bar and whether riding unhooked or not, you’ll have a great safety system, solid comfort with the ergonomics of the bar, and the ability to throw down some great tricks.

Bar highlights:

  • good bar flotation (nice floaters)
  • comfortable; thin, yet sturdy
  • color coded bar & lines
  • exceptional de-power
  • simple, functional and safe
  • user-friendly chicken loop & safety system
  • high quality ejection / emergency
  • adjustable length bar
  • internal swivel is solid

We do recommend the Taina. It’s a kite that you could start with and have ample room to progress. There are pro riders using the Taina, and a growing contingent of riders with a Taina in their quiver. It’s a solid kite in the waves and will definitely hit the mark if you’re looking for something versatile with plenty of room for advancement built in.

Sizes available: 5.5, 7, 9, 10, 12, 14 m