Kona One SUP Paddle Board

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Kona One SUP Paddle Board $$ale in Progress

The Kona Stand Up Paddle Board

No wind? No Waves? No problem.

Guaranteed water time!

Stand Up Paddle Boards are simple to set up and learn the sport in 10 minutes. You progress quickly by using a paddleboard that is larger, more stable and versatile than a conventional surfboard.

Women who Stand Up Paddleboard improve very fast. Very often, women are far more skilled at stand up paddle than men. Stand Up Paddle Boards are far less physical than surfing, a fact many women appreciate. Many women rediscover surfing or paddling pleasure without the constraints or fatigue!

And the Kona One Paddle Board can Be used to Windsurf also!

Stand Up Paddle Surf makes USE OF EVERY MUSCLE FROM HEAD TO TOES – THE CORE AND LEGS specially. Combine yoga and surfing core fitness.

With the KONA ONE Stand Up Paddleboard you can:

  • Relaxed cruise in flat water.
  • Paddle along the coasts of your lake, river or ocean.
  • Windsurf with the Kona One also!
  • Surf small or 15 ft waves much easier to pick up small waves and longer rides on a stand up paddleboard than a conventional surf board
  • Teach your friends in minutes and ride with your family
  • Adventures with the wind at your back in more than 20 knots.
  • Relax and enjoy every day of the year in every condition

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Watch Surf Legend Laird Hamilton Show the Good Morning America Crew how to Stand Up Paddle Surf

We make it Easy to Stand Up Paddle Board Today!

Great for those No Wind days.

  • Also nice for everyone in the family to use, and
  • Having a good workout
  • Surfing the waves
  • Windsurfing also with this versatile board!

This Kona One Stand Up Paddle Board has excellent gliding characteristics and also performs well in the waves thanks to the ‘step tail’.

The step-tail design is a technical feature adding obvious advantages due to the extended water line in displacement mode, as well as the reduced wetted surface as soon as the board is on a plane.

The natural standing position is in the center of the board and due to the step tail, it remains the same even when you catch a wave and accelerate.? A unique quality making it way easier to learn paddling in the waves.

The Great Thing about a Stand Up Paddle Board is that it is as Extreme or Gentle as You Want it to Be:

There isn’t always wind, nor are there always waves, there is alway’s SUP though!

Whether on the ocean, canal or lake. Regardless of wind or waves it is just one more way of having fun in the water. Add to that it is a nice workout and something else to do with friends on the water. Variety and options are good, gives you something new to improve upon also.

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This board also has the capacity for the user to easily attach a windsurf rig.

  • Construction:? Custom Made Wood/EVA
  • Size:? 360 x 79
  • Volume:? 200 liters
  • Weight: 10 kg
  • Fin:? 30cm US box
  • Includes aluminum paddle

No Other Companies offer this low of a price on this amazing Kona One Paddle Board.


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