Some Basics About Trainer Kites

Trainer Kite Jump

Trainer Kite Jump

Trainer kites come in either 2 or 4 line styles.

Generally the smaller kites come with just two lines and the more powerful kites ( over 3m ) come with four lines. Re flying, a 2-line kite flies just as well as a 4-line. The advantage of a 2-line kite is that the lines never really get tangled, where the advantage of a 4-line kite is the power to relaunch the kite after it crashes. ( To relaunch a 2-line kite you can need to walk back to the kite and put it in the right position). Trainer kites sometimes range in size from 1m to 5m. The bigger the trainer kite, the stronger it is.

Larger kites which have more power can pull you around a bit and can supply you with even more coaching. If you’re a smaller person ( or the wind is stronger), you could be able to use the trainer kite in the water for body dragging or in the wintertime for snowkiting. The hydra is a good kite for training on both land and water because it uses closed cells. Generally folks who purchase a bigger trainer kite finish up getting more use out of it than if they purchased a 1m or 2m kite.

Flying hooked in to a kiteboarding Harness Loop. Some trainer kites like the HQ Scout come with a harness loop. This is largely a loop that goes on the bar so you can fly the kite while wearing a harness.

Buying a kiteboard harness pushes forward your coaching even further by having the ability to fly hooked in. Flying ‘hooked in’ gets your body and arms in the proper positioning. Many times you can see folks flying a trainer kite and they will pull the bar over their head rather than the correct position of the bar close to the waist. Being hooked in also lets you fly one-handed which is essential in kiteboarding. With a leash, when you let go of the bar, the kite will fall to the ground, but it’ll still be attached to you.

Without a leash, after you let go of the bar, the kite might travel further downwind and you will have to follow it down the beach. Overall, you can’t get it wrong with buying a trainer kite. You will use it more than you think and even show your friends how to kite with it. Bottom line: You can never spend too much time with a trainer kite.