Should You Buy a Trainer Power Kite Before a Lesson?

As instructors we get this question alot and we’d like to take the time to answer it here to help clear things out. Students often want to know if they should but a trainer kite before their first lesson.

The short answer is…


There are a few reasons for this. The first is that because you will need one anyway and it saves valuable lesson time if you already familiar with the basics of the kite. Each power, trainer or kitesurfing kite we sell comes with a manual so you can familiarize yourself with the parts of the kite.

Beginner kitesurfing package of HQ Rush trainer kite

HQ Rush Kites for Sale

In addition you can lay out the lines and learn the part of the kite such as the bar or handles, the lines, bridle and front (leading edge) and back (trailing edge).

Students who want to save money by reading about the wind window and power zone will really accelerate their learning. This will save time so the lessons can get to the hands-on stuff you really want to learn – like how it feels to fly your trainer kite.

We are instructors and are giving you the same kite we recommend to our students. Most brands of training kites are somewhat similar, however HQ kites are known for their value price and toughness. They are the best trainer kites we’ve come across so they are the only ones we sell.

You will continue to fly these kites forever and use them to help your friends, loved ones or anyone get into the sport.

We will also send you a complete beginner’s course, the same we use to teach with so you can see how the lessons will go. This is an official course and has very detailed instructions on how to fly your power kite.

Also you can save money by not having to pay sales tax (or shipping) if we send it to you. Add that to our buy back program and low cost guarantee and there is really no reason not to get started with your power kite today.

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