Power Kites

Power Kites

When it comes to Power Kites you can dismiss all notions of kite flying as a gentle, relaxing activity. There’s nothing passive about this thrilling sport as high speed winds charge participants across the ground, attached to buggies, landboards or nothing at all. Taking advantage of strong winds and the unique design of these mammoth kites, flyers experience a unique rush as the wind and kite become one.

So, you think you’re ready to join in the fun? To get started, power kites which are also known as ‘foils’ are the ideal choice as these two-lined models are smaller than traction kites which come attached to buggies or landboards. Flyers can happily glide along the ground or soar into the air using these soft yet durable models without any extra equipment. Older children supervised by adults can also experience the rush of Power Kites, which when used responsibly can provide hours of outdoor entertainment. The main thing to remember is to fly safely by choosing good locations such as spacious beaches or fields for maximum manoeuvring and a soft landing!

For even greater pulling power and control, Traction Kites are the best models on the market. These invigorating kites generate speed quickly with 4 flying lines, 2 power lines and 2 brake lines. Flyers can easily adjust the position and power of these air born giants as they race across the land on buggies or landboards. Without compromising on safety, it’s advised to zoom around with safety helmets and pads in order to enjoy your power kite experience to the max.

If flying a Traction Kite sounds like the sport for you then you’ll need to decide whether to choose a buggy or a landboard. Buggies are typically made from stainless steel and are designed to withstand all types of terrain. Equipped with a comfortable seat for maximum movement and control, Traction Kite buggies should easily fit into most car boots, making it a very versatile sport. Landboards like skateboards demand a little more effort to control from the upright rider, however once you’ve got the knack of these lightweight vehicles you’ll be free-styling across the beach and ripping it up on dirt tracks like the best of them.

As always safety is mandatory when it comes to Traction Kites. Before using your landboard or buggy make sure you’re comfortable with a Power or Traction Kite as the incredible high speeds and pulling power of the wind can be dangerous if not harnessed correctly.

The joy of Power Kiting is very addictive and once you’ve gained some experience with the basic flying manoeuvres you’ll be able to hone your new skills and have the time of your life. Whether you’re competing in a fast paced buggy board race or free-styling alone with the wind, it’s only a matter of time before friends and family will want to take part too!

Rush 300 PRO Mark III version. 3 lines for ultimate safety and reverse relaunch. This kite generates more power than a standard 3 meter kite. Chris Shultz demonstrates the reverse relaunch multiple times and explains technique at the beach and on grass. He shows how to perform small jumps and some “scudding” or sand skiing with a power kite–wow.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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