Ozone Octane Traction Kite

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Ozone Octane Traction Kite $194.95

The Ozone Octane is an easy introduction into performance power kiting, perfectly suited for novice through to seasoned kite flyers. Its smooth flying characteristics and constant pull speeds your kiting progression with no compromise. The Ozone Octane will keep your excitement and adrenaline pumping with its precise and always predictable handling.

The Ozone Octane is a kite for anyone who is looking for an entry into traction kiting sports such as buggy or land-boarding or for the more experienced flyer who wants a good all round kite with easy flying characteristics, super stable and plenty of performance. It is supremely easy to use with mountains of performance to get you moving in a buggy, on a land board or just getting dragged along in the sand.

The Ozone Octane can be purchased as kite only or complete ready to fly, with either handles or a 4-Line control bar. The package includes an Ozone Ground Stake, perfectly suited for securing your kite safely and easily.

Available in four sizes; 2, 3, 4 and 5 meters squared, the Ozone Octane covers a massive range enabling action in almost any conditions. All sizes are capable of meeting the demands and capturing the imagination of any kiter.



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Design Features on the Ozone Octane Traction Kite:

Closed Cell Leading Edge: Cl0sed cell leading edge with mesh for clean air intake and extra strength.

Internal diagonal rib structure: Reduces bridles helping to eliminate line drag distortion and manifests in a true feel for the interaction of kite with wind.

Optimized profile: For power, speed and stability.

Auto-stable wing curvature: Equals rock solid all-conditions performance so pilot concentration remains unbroken.

Wing tip dirt-outs: Linked to internal trailing edge sand-channels prevents any sand or debris from being trapped in the kite.

Hand-checked Ozone factory construction: Utilizing highest grade Oztex 40d ripstop nylon fabric and pre-stretched dyneema control line throughout. This translates to the kite flying in lighter winds and a greater wind speed to power generated ratio and as the kite can penetrate the window deeper the up wind ability is superb. The stability is kept even with less bridling by the use of Diagonal-Rib construction, a method of strengthening the kite from inside to enable less support from the bridles.

Mylar Edged: Aerodynamics tells us that the leading edge and the trailing edge are the two most critical lines in an aerofoil section. Ozone kites are Mylar taped on the leading edge, giving a more rigid structure, a clean and efficient aerofoil, and absolutely zero stretching. The Mylar tape effectively locks the sail shape, meaning your kite keeps its factory trim. For the trailing edge Ozone roll the seam twice and stitch to give a soft and clean exit for the airflow.

Double Stitched: Ozone Octane kites are double-needle stitched, which is stronger and more durable than single line stitching in the event of the kite being dragged over rough ground. Even the thread used for stitching the lines and sail is UV-bonded, further adding to the strength and life-span of our kites. Every seam is checked to within 0.5 mm; a look at the color-scheme accuracy and the inside of the seams of our kites will highlight this fact.

Bridle Lines: The aim when designing the bridle lines is to use the least amount of line possible, to minimize parasitic drag through the air, resulting in a more high performance kite. Kite design has advanced to the point where the accuracy and diameter of the line lengths is vitally important. To achieve this accuracy, Ozone use the highest quality Dyneema lines which are stitch finished for extra strength and less drag.

Attachment Tabs: The Ozone Octanes attachment tabs are sewn deep into the reinforcement area of the ribs, which means that the load is spread over a larger area of material, thus reducing any stretching and ageing of the cloth.

Flying Lines: Tested to 200/75 kg, heat-treated Eurocord Dyneema SK75 lines ensure stretch resistance, a high thermal tolerance and durability for all kites. Lines are cut, pre-stretched, sleeved and stitched to ensure 100% accuracy. The lines are final load tested to 60% of their breaking strain to lock the line and as a final production check. The kook-proof color-coded and labeled line connection system makes set-up safer and completely stress-free for riders new to kiting.

The Ozone Octane is supplied as Kite Only (with bag and groundstake) or ready to fly with lines, handles, 4-line Fixed or Turbo Control bar and safety system:

  • Ozone Octane 4-Line Power Kite
  • Ozone 20m 200/75kg Quad Line Set
  • Ozone Quad handles, Ozone Fixed Bridle 4-Line Control Bar or Ozone Turbo Control Bar with Safety System
  • Ozone Octane Stuffsack
  • Detailed user manual

Your Ozone Octane Control Options:

Option 1:

Ozone 4-Line Handles with Wrist Leash Safety System:


  • Ergonomic, styled and comfy, Ozone kite handles are built from hi-tech, lightweight polypropylene tubing. 25mm in diameter and covered in a layer of neoprene for extra comfort these handles have been specifically designed to prevent forearm fatigue.
  • Extra features include soft plastic sheathing on the lead line exit to prevent line or finger chaffing during heavy use.
  • Additional ground ‘staking loops’ allow the pilot to keep the kite stalled when not being flown.
  • Safety system easily larks-foot onto the ground staking loops or brake line leaders on your handles. High quality soft webbing straps with short bungee cord attachment to prevent them getting tangled or damaged.
  • Handles are now complete with a spectra stitched strop line as standard.

Option 2:

Ozone 4-Line Control Bar with Wrist Leash Safety System:


  • Ergonomic, styled and comfy, EVA foam grip, Line winders on each end of the bar easily hold 25m of line and keep the leader lines safely away from your hands while steering
  • Main Harness loop with safety quick release.
  • Safety wrist leash (Kite Killer); when the bar is released it kills the kites power by pulling the brake lines which stalls the kite safely to the ground.
  • Central webbing trim system with pulley to allow brakes to run freely during aggressive steering. The rear brakes simply attach to the line running through pulley.
  • One Hand (one tug) Reverse Launch System for simple self recovery and re-launching with ease. One pull easily flips the kite right side up.
  • Independent Brake control lines offer direct control of trailing edge for easy self-launching and landing so you have no hassles, even when riding by yourself.

Your Ozone Octane Traction Kite Package Includes:

  1. Ozone Octane Kite Storage Bag: Waterproof canvas and tough construction stuff-sack.
  2. Ozone Octane Power Kite: State of the art, Oztex 40D Ripstop Nylon, kite complete with pre-sleeved bridles
  3. Ozone Quad Line Handles with safety system, Ozone Four Line Fixed Bridle Option 1: Ozone neoprene covered handles for supreme comfort,control and grip. includes anti-finger chafe guard on power line leader and ground stake/park loops on rear leaders. Kite Killer wrist leashes with EVA foam and Amsteel Spectra spliced harness strop. Or, Option 2: 4-Line control bar with safety system, trim adjustment and quick release chickenloop. Complete with EVA covered 3D grip with easy to identify colors for left or right side and single webbing safety wrist leash with release handle connected to rear lines for easy and effective stall system.
  4. Ozone Ground-stake:?A must for all power kiting traction activities allowing for quick peg-down of your kite.
  5. Secure your kite safely and easily with the Ozone ground stake.
  6. Dyneema Flying Lines:
  7. Pre-stretched flying lines for ultimate performance and lowest stretch. Color-coded for safety and ease of use.

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