Ozone Kites

Ozone Kites

Ozone Company History / Background

Ozone kites was formed with a huge depth of experience in the world of flying. Originally formed as a company designing wings for paragliding, the passion for kiteboarding was a natural progression that allowed the company to excel. Most of the company employees are also riders and the passion for kiting and enthusiasm for the sport contribute to the top quality design and materials used in all of the Ozone kites.

Current Product Descriptions:

Ozone Kites – Catalyst Kitesurfing Kite

This kite would be the best choice for an all-around experience because of the performance and versatility built into the design. Although not designed specifically as a beginner kite, the safety features built into the Catalyst make an ideal kite to begin with while providing plenty of room to expand well into the intermediate and even advanced stages of riding.

The Catalyst performs as well in waves as it does on the flatwater or when boosting. The handling is smooth and the ability to de-power the kite including a simple and effective safety system make this a very safe kite.

Ozone Kite - the Ozone Catalyst Kitesurfing kite

Ozone C4

The C style kite comes with a bridled system with no pulleys and is an excellent choice for freeriders and freestyle kiteboarders. One of the main features of the C4 is the ability to transform with a simple adjustment the overall “feel” of the kite. This change is between a lighter feel versus a heavier feel based on the location of the bridle lines and the angle of the kite.

Of the Ozone kites, this kite maintains a fast handling style with unmatched unhooked performance and excellent de-power with easy relaunch. The kite will crush it in the waves as well as for freeride thanks to the increased power and low end pull.

Ozone Edge

Ozone’s mission to create the “Ferrari of the kite world” was accomplished with this phenomenal kite. This would be considered the intermediate to advanced kite offered by Ozone. Although the kite may perform at a very high level in the hands of skilled professionals, it has features built in to ensure the riders get the very most out of kiteboarding without sacrificing safety or performance.

This is a kite that is used in racing as well as free riding and even wave riding. The hang-time on this kite is legendary and the features and benefits of this kite make it worth owning. These features include a 4-line system without pulleys, high quality materials and attention to detail, “Contact” water control system, and the ability to harness massive power.

Ozone Zephyr

Light wind riding has always required a large kite to generate enough pull for a rider. A larger kite usually means a heavier kite which means it’s just as difficult to get it flying. This Zephyr redefines the concept of light wind kiting. Even in sub-10 knot winds, the launch and relaunch is easy. The kite has tight radius turning capabilities for good pop and a ton of fun.

There are no pulleys to mess with on this kite and the bridle system is optimized for direct handling and safety. Whether used as a low wind kite or even in the higher wind range for larger riders, the Zephyr is a stable, reliable, easy-to-handle kite.

Ozone Kites, the Ozone Flow Traction Kite

Born from Ozone’s extensive background in wing design and construction, the Flow is more than just a 4-line trainer kite. This kite functions at a high level as a traction kite for land boarding or kite buggying. The advantages to a 4-line trainer include being able to practice a de-power on a traction kite which has excellent crossover capabilities when training for snowkiting.

Ozone Contact Water Control System

The bar and safety system for kite control matches the high quality materials, engineering, and manufacturing that you would expect from Ozone. Making kiting as safe as possible while keeping performance high has been a goal for Ozone that they continue to achieve year after year.

The bars come equipped with a foolproof, simple, intuitive release and reload safety system. There are various features that make the bar, lines and chickenloop stand above the rest, not the least of which is a focus on safety and performance.

Ozone Snow / Land Kites

Ozone has made some huge strides in their water-kite development that has enabled them to surpass and in many instances dominate their competition. Their forte over the years with snowkite and foil kite development has been tough to beat. Coming from a strong wing development background in the paragliding world, Ozone naturally transitioned to the foil kites even before getting into the inflatable Ozone kites and have consistently outperformed each previous season’s offerings with upgrades in performance and safety.

The foil kites include the Access XT, Frenzy, and the Manta M3. Each of these offer different levels of performance, but all have the ability to introduce you to a new level of freedom.

Ozone Passion

Of all the things that make Ozone products so great, the passion and dedication to the sport is difficult to measure, but can be easily seen in the product quality, attention to detail and just about every other aspect that encompasses what Ozone is as a company. The pros that ride for Ozone carry with them this same passion for the purity of the sport. It helps a lot that they company has a background in wing design and manufacture from the paragliding world. The passion can be experienced as well when seeing how involved Ozone has become also in the speedflying arena.

Not all of this will have a direct connection to kiteboarding or Ozone kites except the purity of being able to connect with nature and harness the raw power and energy available from the wind. This connection is what draws people to the sport of kiteboarding and kitesurfing. The experience is akin to what I would describe as freedom. Any who have watched a lot of kitesurfing on the internet and dreamed about getting out there and riding should make it a priority to get some lessons and get riding. Ozone can be a perfect partner in this goal by providing extremely high quality products that can give years of sheer kiteboarding pleasure with Ozone kites.