Ozone Catalyst Reviewed

Ozone Catalyst Kiteboarding Kite Reviewed

The Ozone Catalyst kite is by far one of the best all-around kites available on the market. By way of performance, the Ozone Catalyst kite has the capacity to enchant even the most experienced riders and from a safety perspective, is easy enough for beginners who are just getting into the sport.

The true test of any kite is not only how it performs, but also how it feels when you’re out riding. The 2011 Ozone Catalyst handles very smooth, has a similar feel throughout the entire range, can absorb the gusts without issue, and has great de-power capabilities.

Setup of the Ozone Catalyst is very easy due to the new high volume valves for inflating and deflating the kite. Taking it down and packing it away is easy as well. The connectors for the lines are color coded and numbered for easy connection and fast setup. There are a lot of adjustments that can be made to tune the Ozone Catalyst to your individual riding style. This can be done both during the setup process as well as on the fly while riding with the trimming options. Bar pressure can be managed for a stiffer ride if the conditions call for it.

2011 Ozone Catalyst Kite

The Ozone Catalyst handles very well in both waves and flat-water riding. Even when charging a lip or focusing on the wave, the kite will hover and is easy to control, and can give the right pull when needed. Boosting big with this kite is exciting. When coming back down to earth, the Ozone Catalyst will give you a soft landing.

The control system for the Ozone Catalyst kite features a clam cleat that has been redesigned to include a 1 to 1 de-power. Because the kite is what is known as a bow kite, it has a significant amount of de-power just by letting go of the bar. The Ozone Catalyst is designed for safety as well to prevent injury when riding. Because of the structure of the Catalyst, the angle of attack can be altered which makes them able to adjust how much power they have and be able to effectively handle a wider range of wind with the same size kite.

Review of Ozone Catalyst Kiteboarding Kite

Ozone Catalyst Kiteboarding Kite Review

If you were to own only one kitesurfing kite that does everything and does it very well, the Ozone Catalyst is the kite for you. Having two or more of these Ozone kites is even better! The Ozone Catalyst is truly awesome and will make it easy to get better at this great sport.

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