Ozone Catalyst Kitesurf Kite

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Ozone Catalyst Kitesurf Kite $820

Ozone Catalyst Kitesurfing Kite

The Ozone Catalyst is the latest Leading Edge Inflatable from the product gurus at Ozone Kites.  The idea behind this kite is “one kite for all conditions.  The Ozone Catalyst was designed for a beginner but can handle even the most advanced kiteboarding styles. Free ride, slashing waves and long down-winders are all done easily with this one kite. It’s the safest, more predictable and most affordable kitesurfing kites for the performance that we’ve tested.

The 2012 Ozone Catalyst kitesurfing kite is designed for riders looking for an incredibly versatile and easy kite to ride for both freeride and waves. It can take a beginner safely from the first steps right through to ripping it up in all aspects of the sport. At the same time it can satisfy and impress seasoned riders of all levels.

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If you want a kite that you can depend on to deliver the performance you want and need to progress every session. It truly is a kite that can do it all no matter what riding you are doing.

Ozone Catalyst Kite Features:

  • New strut design for a more flexible and lighter sail
  • Control Contact Control Bar System – we love this bar.
  • Super High Volume Air Valve –inflation/deflation is quick!
  • One Valve Pump – ease of use
  • Large De-Power
  • Super stable but not slow
  • Multiple kite trimming options for best bar pressure feel
  • 4 Line Pulley Less Bridle for Direct Feel

Best kitesurfing kite the Ozone Catalyst

Ozone Catalyst LEI Kite Package Includes:

  • 2012 Ozone Catalyst Kitesurfing Kite
  • 2012 Ozone Contact Control Bar (If selected above before adding to cart)
  • Ozone Kite Leash
  • Bag / Backpack for Storage and Easy Transport
  • Ozone Kite Pump
  • Ozone Kite Repair Kit
  • Manual

It you’re looking for the perfect ‘all-arounder”, The Ozone Catalyst kitesurfing kite is the one you want. The Ozone Catalyst is a kite that you can depend on from your first ride to your thousandth ride. It’s smooth ride, easy use, and dependability will make any rider feel like a hero.

The Ozone Catalyst kitesurfing kite allows you to focus on your ride instead of being worried about kite placement. This is why it is the right kite for all levels of kitesurfers. The Ozone Catalyst is consistently smooth, screams upwind and provides effortless depowering.

Initially we thought this kite would only appeal to beginners. But some of the experts of the crew took to it because it’s a great wave kite. It also lets riders do big, floaty jumps with soft touchdowns and best of all is just a no-stress, easy to ride kite right out of the bag.  We also like that the Ozone Catalyst, like all Ozone Kites, has bombproof construction. There is some serious quality in the seams which is why we never see warranty problems with these kites. The Ozone Catalyst just excels at more conditions and skill levels better than other kites– and at a competitive price. No other kite we’ve seen is this dependable and fun.

What Size Ozone Catalyst?

For both beginner and intermediate kite buyers, we highly recommend the Ozone Catalyst. It’s a simple, smooth handling and easy to fly kite right from the start. It’s also very predictable, precise and the re-launch is great. The boost is impressive with great bar feedback and big hang-time when you want it.

It is so easy to feel where the kite was without looking up to check. It’s predictable enough for beginners but quick enough for intermediate to experts. A great go-anywhere kite for learning, jumping, unhooking and riding waves.

We Like: The fact that anyone could grab their Catalyst and have a fun time in all wind conditions right away. It’s simple, easy and bulletproof tough. Two words? Predictable everything and fun!

Could Improve Upon: The pull-down quick release is very intuitive to use if needed. But pros who unhook may end up catching it until a couple of their initial times if they grab the chicken loop.

Which kitesurfing equipment to buy

Want to get your New Ozone Catalyst Kitesurfing Kite shipped Fast. Click below:

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Or, need a complete Ozone Kite with Bar and lines? Click below:

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