Online Kite Store Gets Off to Flying Start

Celebration, Florida (PRWEB) July 18, 2007

Three years ago, Britons Adrian Tennant and Nigel Pitts were at a trade show in Central Florida, looking for the latest kites and air toys to sell on their UK based website.

Today, their British kite empire extends half way around the world with the launch of The Kite Store the company’s new website for US customers, (

“Kites are a big piece of Americana thanks to American historical icons like Benjamin Franklin who discovered electricity as a result of flying a kite during a thunderstorm and the Wright Brothers whose first airplane actually evolved from a 5-foot kite they had flown a year before that first flight in North Carolina,” says Nigel Pitts, The Kite Store’s International Sales Manager.

Based in Celebration near Orlando, Florida, the online Kite Store offers U.S. customers a wide range of kites from throughout Europe, the Americas and Australasia.

“Kite flying is a wonderful way for families to get outdoors and spend quality time together. It’s a wonderful activity that can bring neighbors outdoors and socializing. In a world where we are constantly berated by so much stress and negativity it’s almost impossible not to feel happy watching a colorful kite sail through the skies,” says Pitts.

With a strong commitment to overall customer satisfaction, Pitts and the Kite Store management team have incorporated many shopper-friendly features based on extensive customer testing and feedback, Features such as real-time online chat with customer service representatives, multiple shipping options, real-time online tracking, and encrypted secure ordering make as stress free to buy kites online as it is to fly them.

Product categories include traditional single line kites such as box kites, dragon kites, delta kites, cellular parafoil kites, plus high-tech dual line stunt kites, quad line kites, wind socks and flags.

For more experienced kite flyers and adrenaline junkies, The Kite Store online kite shop offers power kites, traction kites, kite buggies and land boards, a full range of kite accessories such as kite string (known as kite line) and kite handles, and instructional materials including kite books and kite DVDs.

Well-known kite designers and manufacturers represented at The Kite Store include AerobieĀ®, Flexifoil, Kathy Goodwind, Go Fly a Kite, HQ, Martin Lester, Peter Lynn, New Tech Kites, Premier Kites, Prism Kites, Revolution and Joel Scholz among others.

In addition to kites, The Kite Store has a fun range of air toys including Frisbees, Aerobie flying discs and rockets. Keeping the up in the air theme going, The Kite Store also stocks a range of juggling equipment for developing circus skills.

Subscriber-only coupon codes are available to newsletter subscribers who can save even more off the already discounted prices at the company’s new online kite store located at

According to Pitts, “whether learning to fly a traditional single line, dual line, quad line, traction or power kite, the aim of kite flying is to have fun, fly safely, and harness the power of the wind. With the launch of The Kite Store, the time is definitely right to go fly a kite!”

About The Kite Store: The Kite Store ( is a leading provider of box kites, dragon kites, delta kites, cellular parafoil kites, plus high-tech dual line stunt kites, quad line kites, wind socks and flags. offers a fun, friendly atmosphere for kite enthusiasts and beginners to buy kites online.


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