Onda Longboard

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Onda Longboard $175

Onda Longboard

The Onda longboard is definitely the most fun “training” board we have tried. We’re not sure if training is the right word since it’s an amazingly fun ride on it’s own whether or not you are moving to snowkiting or kiteboarding. We were a bit skeptical a bit at first of the large 180mm wheels but the Onda longboard is so confidence inspiring that you feel like you’ve been riding it for much longer.

One of our reviewers likes to say it’s like “skateboarding, as it should be.” Meaning that you don’t have to look down at every pebble or worry about whether your terrain.  The Onda Landboard has over-sized big wheels which provide that smooth glide over all types of terrain – grass, concrete, dirt and uneven pavement.

It’s like surfing or snowboarding on concrete, and the learning curve is much faster and easier than with a mountain board or skateboard. The glide on the Onda Longboard is the longest we’ve ever tested … it went farther than any  mountainboard, skateboard or longboard! Just one kick and it keeps on rolling. No other board we’ve ever seen glides like this one or builds speed as effortlessly.

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Onda landboards are designed for everyone ages 10 and up weighing from 75 to 240 pounds, and one size truly fits everyone. It’s the perfect vehicle to ride around any neighborhood, town, beach or the neighborhood.

Perfect for kiteboarders or snowkiters who want to progress quickly and safely – and have a lot of un

Onda Longboard: Better than a Mountainboard?

We’ve been riding and testing mountain boards for years. All makes and models. And while we like some of the HQ mountainboards for tricks and jumps we like the Onda landboard for a few reasons which mountain boards can’t compete with. Here is why the Onda is our top pick when you are getting any type of trainer kite

No cumbersome straps. Straps are helpful if you are doing advanced tricks and want to keep the board on your feet. But when you are starting out or just carving they get in your way. They also can be difficult to get out of if the kite pulls you in an unexpected way. The Onda landboard has no straps. So if you need to simply step off to keep your balance, you can.

The deck is rigid. Softer decks like those used in mountain boards lose their momentum quickly. If you push off on one they simply do not roll far or precisely. The Onda landboard has a rigid deck so nearly all forward momentum gets transferred to the trucks and wheels. This is (along with the patented wheels) give it’s best-in-class gliding ability. You simply have to get on one to appreciate how far it rolls (way further than a mountain board, skateboard or longboard). Lightweight, yet very durable, Onda features a patented parallel torsion shock system,

The wheels are solid. The wheels for most mountain boards are spongy and fill with air. This allows them to roll over rough terrain but what you give up is the connection to the ground (think big monster truck tires). The Onda board accomplishes the same goal by using a larger diameter wheel and solid wheels. Its a much better racecar-like feel.

It carves. If you’ve ever done a deep smooth carve on powder or a wave, then you know the feeling. There is nothing like it and the Onda longboard can carve as tight as you need it to. No mountain board (or skateboard) could even come close.  The Onda really shines when carving down a field, bike path or turning with your traction/trainer kite.

The Onda Landboard is crafted from scratch to be the best all around cruising longboard in the world.

Every component was meticulously designed and custom built as part of an integrated product, to allow you to cruise the pavement effortlessly, with minimum friction and enormous forward momentum. Onda delivers full-fledged glide performance and awesome carving that will have you feeling like you’re levitating above ground.

The Onda Landboard works well with any of our trainer kites (Hydra, Rush Pro, Scout, or Beamer). Whether you want to move into kitesurfing or snowkiting or just like the fun of cruising in a field or parking lot – the Onda landboards are good fun.

The Onda Landboard Core with polymer wheels uses sharp edge tires to give the longest, smoothest glide and excellent grip to the ground surface. It excels at cruising, carving, downhills, kite training, high speed rides, and can be used on most terrains. Designed for those who are seasoned board riders (longboarders, surfers, or snowboarders), yet it’s easy to learn and safer for the biginners. This is the top of the line Onda they make. Its a big improvement over lesser and older models at about the same price. Believe us, it’s worth it.

onda landboarding longboards

  • Deck – High Strength Fiberglass-Polymer Blend with Impact Modifier Additive for High Performance
  • Truck – Copolymer reinforced body with chrome plated, heat treated steel alloy for extra strength
  • Wheel – Copolymer rim with flat grip surface 80A polyurethane tire
  • Torsion Socks – Comes with 14 shocks (4 yellow, 4 blue, 4 red, and 2 black)
  • Product Weight – 10.50 lbs (Shipping weight – 12 lbs)
  • Rider’s Weight’s Range – 75 lbs to 240 lbs

“Love my Onda Longboard. Ride it almost everyday. I am not the typical rider….I am 62 years old. The Onda board is easy to ride and steer and very durable. Love the fact that I can change the shocks. I have taken it off-road and on road and also to a skate park. Can’t say enough good things about it. Like it much better than a traditional longboard.” – 
David Gollup
Cary, NC

“The Onda Landboard rips! It is lightweight, grips your shoes firmly and responds quickly. I enjoy the speed it generates and I always lead my pack of daughters on their bikes and razor scooters. I also like the way it handles over bumps, humps and curbs with no problems. I also like the fact that ordering was an ease and shipping was fast and everything came in one piece. Thanks for the awesome ripping experience” – Jon Waluku, HI.

onda longboard mountainboard

Want to get your Onda Landboard shipped fast? Order below for quick delivery.


Onda Longboard