Fastest Way to Learn to Kitesurf

A lot of people ask me, “How do I get solid kiteboarding
skills as fast as possible?” and to that, my answer is…
  1. Get your own gear.
  2. Get lessons and get out there and use it.
There is something that happens when you have your
own kiteboarding gear. You feel the sense of community.
That you are really finally in the sport. That you are a
a kiteboarder.After understanding the power zone with the trainer kite,
the next best move is to get your own gear.
You don’t want to be borrowing friends gear all the time.
And renting has it’s problems too (outdated gear, doesn’t fit right,
not familiar with the setup).

So we put together a complete kiteboarding package to get
you started. And we’ve done it for less than the price
most of the other guys charge for just ONE kite!

Beginner Kiteboarding Package

With us you never get the left-overs. Those ‘close-out’ specials
that are put together by other retailers as a way to get rid
of 2 year old, outdated gear, tiny kites, or hard to sell equipment.

Even worse, some companies try to push “high aspect” (AR) kites on
beginners. These kites are harder to relaunch, must faster and just
not a good type of kite for beginners and most intermediate kiters.

We’ve put together a very affordable complete kiteboarding that is just
right for anyone at the beginner/intermediate level.

It includes:

  • New Kitesurfing Kite (low to medium aspect ratio).
  • Control bar and lines
  • High qualty backpack
  • Double-action Pump
  • Progressive kiteboard including pads, straps and fins
  • Kiteboarding harness (either waist or seat style- your choice) w/pad and spreader bar

Other companies charge $1,800 for just one kite. But we’ve put this entire
package together for less. WAY Less

Click below for more details while supplies last:
See you on the beach,
Hunter Hewett