Leading Edge Inflatable Kites Can Work Wonders For The Beginner

1097142_paragliding_2At san onofre state beach in Southern California you can watch something very interesting and a little bit funny happening every summer. Surf classes are taught to young kids. These kids where bright colored beanies on their heads to be separated from the crown and paddle out in the water on big foam surf boards. They are usually relatively successful, given that the foam board is an easy ride. However, when they try on a normal board it is a lot more difficult and not as much fun. The foam board works great for beginners, the regular board, not so much. The same concept holds true for kite surfers. The right kite will make all the difference in getting started.

Experts recommend the leading edge inflatable kites (LEI). These kites are C-shaped and made out of nylon with inflatable plastic bladders. The bladders are what give the kite it’s famous C-shape and make it quicker and more responsive to the person using it. Hence, why it would be better for a beginner. It is also easy to re launch and tends to be very resilient which is great for a beginner who may have several falls at first. Lastly, the kites can be depowered which makes them very safe.