Kitesurfing Lessons Done, What Next?

Kitesurfing Lessons Done, What Next?

Kitesurfing lessons – what comes next? Of all the possibly addictive, adrenalin fueled sports, few come close to kiteboarding. However, to engage at the highest level, you will need to master kite control and board riding skills. Kiteboarding is like wakeboarding, only the rider is also “driving the boat”. This means that your board skills and kite control skills need to be refined enough so you can focus on the funner aspects of riding including tricks and catching the occasional big air.

However, before getting to that point, there is a lot of practice that may be required depending on how good you already are with board sports in general. Kiteboarding lessons with a qualified instructor are by far the best way to learn the sport and develop correct principles from the start. Some schools may have a chase vehicle (either boat or waverunner) that can also provide support and allow the instructor to provide some direct feedback.

Initial Kitesurfing lessons

Once you’ve had the initial classes, the opportunities to practice shouldn’t be limited to just the water. Getting out regularly when you can’t plan a few hour session to enjoy the wind with a trainer kite is a great way to enhance your kite control skills.

If you don’t already have kiteboarding gear, this is the next step. Purchasing gear can be a bit of an investment. Most schools and instructors are able to offer package deals that include everything you need. . A trial lesson with an instructor to get a better feel for the sport will help you determine if it is right for you. Beyond that, many kitesurfing instructors and shops are willing to help out new riders with great package deals.

After the Kitesurfing Lessons

Checking with local riders through your instructor, forums, or other resources may be a find a place to get additional practice and start riding. The locals in your area will also be familiar with beginner-friendly places to start riding and often will even be willing to meet you at an area to ride.
Kitesurfing Lessons
Being passionate about the sport is easy when admiring it from a distance. The thrill of riding on your own, planing, starting to stay upwind, and then get some good air will be motivation enough to go anytime the wind blows. This sport offers a lot and when engaged as safely as possible through good judgments and common sense, kiteboarding will offer you several years of awesome experiences after kitesurfing lessons.