The Kite Surfing Gear For The Ultimate In Fun and Safety

Kiting surfing is rapidly catching on the interest of adventure sports lover’s across the globe. Certain specific kitesurfing gear like an inflatable kite and a board are needed. Then there is the need for some control devices which ensure your safety.

First and foremost you need a proper kite on which you need to do some research before getting one. With rapid advancements in kitesurf gear designs and safety features, a wide array of kites is available for your perusal. Size wise too there are a number of options ranging from 7sq meters to 21 sq meters. Make sure the kite you get is adaptable to the weather, wind and also the water conditions in that particular area.

Similar to a surf board, the kite board is the next piece you should procure to carry out kite surfing. Boards are essential to keep the surfers balance on water as they get dragged on by the kite. As mentioned earlier with kites, the board should also fit in with the water conditions. For e.g. large boards running up to 14-18 sq meters are best for beginners and low wind areas. These also enable the surfer to ply through the waters easily and maintain balance better. Medium sized boards suit almost everyone while smaller boards are preferred by more experienced surfers who are used to high winds and since they weigh less, will make display of aerial tricks easier.

The sport is unsafe and almost impossible to practice without the necessary control devices. They vary according to the type of kite used. For e.g. two lines inflatable’s have a two line control bar. You can also four line control bars for four line inflatables. The working is quite simple. You only need to pull on the bars to maneuver yourself to any direction.

Another important kite surfing gear is the safety release system. Foil or inflatable safety release systems function only when the surfer is alive and conscious whereas there is an additional feature known as dead man safety release system which functions when the surfer looses consciousness

You need to take classes on how to operate the control bar in guiding the kite. The kite responds to any pull or push action by the control bar. Most of them have a quick release safety system included.

kite harness is another kitesurfing gear which comes in different forms like a seat harness or a waist harness is required to reduce the strain on the surfer’s arms. There is also the vest harness which multitasks as a floatation device protecting the rider from severe impact and consequent injury.

You need to get pre-stretched surfing lines that are self lubricating with a round cross section to reduce the wind drag to get a stable flight. It should be made of durable material because ultimately the surfer relies on it for support.

A life jacket is absolutely essential, in fact certain areas specify the type required like pfd types 1, 2, 3 etc. Don’t forget to take along a board bag, Anemometer to measure the speed of the wind, a knife and an Emergency Position –Indicating radio Beacon.

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