kitesurfing 101 part 1 of 2 – Learn kiteboarding FULL VIDEO

This video will teach you the basics of kitesurfing!! Second part is for more fun kite videos. Dissclaimer many people think you need to learn with a trainer kite and take at least 5 hours of lessons before you can try on your own. Use this video at your own risk. Look this video on how to use a trainer kite My accent is from Estonia or Eesti. Also the video generated a lot of feedback from experienced kiters which you can find on google. The main issue is the leash, many people are religious about always attaching a leash and most of them don’t know what they are talking about. 1. always use leash on c kite, or on a 5 line kite, on a bow you can get away without one 2. always try to choose an empty beach with noone around and low wind. then you dont need a leash. if wind is strong or there are people you need a leash. 3. leash on a bow is complicated and dangerous. make sure you test out landing the kite on a leash if you do decide to use it before going out. understand what is a suicide configuration and why is it called so. If you have to pull the red thing in an emergency leash will prevent the kite from flying into people on the beach and killing them. The leash part is skipped in this video. Kitesurfing 101 part 1 of 2. This 20 minutes video will almost ensure that if you order your equipment online and turn up at your local beach you have a chance of going home with unbroken bones and your kite intact. Avoid
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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