Kitesurfer Jumps Brighton Pier – Lewis Crathern Kitesurfing Stunt

Today ex-British Kitesurfing Champion, Lewis Crathern braved the storm and successfully jumped the Brighton Pier! In Gale force winds Lewis attempted for 2 hours to navigate the choppy waters and find a path to launch over the pier but with no success. But never one to give up Lewis strapped on a bigger kite and fearlessly launched his way over Brightons Iconic Palace Pier. Worthing based Lewis hit the world news, last year, when he and friend Jake Scrace, took on another storm and took on Worthing pier. Music by – Emancipator – Nevergreen – (Big thanks to Doug) Find out more about Lewis at Check out a full report and photos at KiteWorld magazine website Filmed and edited by Fat Sand Productions:
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