Blade Complete Kitesurf Package

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Blade Complete Kitesurf Package $1699

The versatile and fun Blade Trigger Kite is now available from complete kitesurf package with the awesome Sanchez board, pad kit and harness.

The Blade Trigger Kitesurf Package:

If you are looking for an all-around kite, you likely want to do a little bit of everything and need a kite with well-balanced characteristics. But riders have different personalities, different mindsets out on the water, and that means a different definition of their ideal all-around kite.

We designed the Trigger to promote progression especially for riders who are powerful, playful, and dynamic.
If you like to do a little of everything on the water, and like to be actively in control of responsive high-energy fun, the Trigger was designed to be your ideal kite. Suitable for learning on, this kite will never be outgrown, and will take you are far as you want to go.

This year the Trigger has been refined and has added features, while still maintaining the performance characteristics that everybody loves about these kites.

One of the new features is the kites NEW Wave Drifter setting that makes this kite ideal for wave riding. ?Use the standard settings, and the kite is the big air, easy to fly, and playful kite that riders have come to love from years past, but switch the bridle to the Wave Drifter setting and this kite is transformed into a wave riding monster. ?Instead of sitting deep in the window as many traditional wave kites do, pulling you off of the wave, this kite is made to sit on the edge of the window and drift along at the edge of the window above you, without falling back, so that you can ride the wave without worrying about the kite or managing needless downwind pull.

For simplicity and cost efficiency, the Blade Trigger has been produced in a single color configuration as displayed, for all sizes. ? This kite looks amazing, and there will be no doubt about who is riding Triggers at your local beach. ?The advantage of this is a significant cost savings to the consumer, as well as a more efficient distribution of kites as all of the colors are the same.

2012 Blade Trigger Control Bar

The 2012 Blade Bar provides maximum control and a ridiculously awesome setup. This bar strikes a nice balance between toughness and precision. This is done by using the top level plastics and flexible materials which won’t break, or corrode.

The 2012 Blade Bar introduces a new generation of features called the innovative Blade Swivel Dome. It combines the features and functionality of a chicken loop, swivel, and a 100% effective safety release into one fast, efficient mechanism. This proven and refined design is updated for 2012 with a newly developed plastic composite raising its durability and reliability to exceptional standards of safety.

One quick move releases the bar with very little effort. Once it is deployed, the Blade

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