Kiteboarding Riding Styles

KiteboardingĀ Riding Styles

There are many different kiteboarding riding styles these days.. When considering which kitesurfing types you’re most interested in, the greatest part is you are never limited to just one. At the professional level, most kiteboarders have a preferred category, whether it is kitesurf, free-ride, wake-style, etc, but even at that pro level, the riders are skilled at multiple disciplines.

Kiteboarding Riding Styles

Kitesurf Style:

Kitesuring is surfing with a kite. What this means is that instead of paddling into a new wave, the kite acts as a tow to get you onto the face of the wave and normally keeps you above water, effectively pulling you onto as many new waves as you can handle. The board normally used with kitesurfing is a modified surfboard that includes foot straps which will keep the board attached while catching air. New kitesurfing types now include regular surfboards with no straps which many surfers really enjoy.

Free-Ride Style:

Free riding is a kiteboarding style that includes the flat-water riding with the big air maneuvers. This style of riding can include any number of different riding conditions, smaller waves or chop, or flat water. This is usually the domain of the twin tip boards with the foot straps.

Wake Style:

Wake style incorporate the types of tricks a wakeboarder would be doing behind the boat. These are the pops off a lip or simply the pressure of applying the edge of the board hard against the pull of the kite and then releasing with a subsequent flip, spin, role, or combination of any and all of these. Handle passes are common when riding “wake style”. Some competition locations or local riding spots may even have sliders or ramps where additional wake style tricks can be performed.


Getting access to the best snow conditions on earth previously was limited to the first few runs of the day at your local resort or a helicopter ride to the top of an untracked mountain. Now, the same access can be had with a kite and the local hills. Snowkiting involves riding your snowboard or skis across open terrain, up and down hills or mountainous terrain. Getting fresh powder without a lift ticket has never been so fun.

Kite Skate / Land Boarding:

Depending on the location, you could ride a long board, freebord, mountain board, or even a standard skateboard all the while being pulled by a kite you control. Some riders have used an empty parking lot, or any large open space. This works especially well if you’re limited by proximity to your nearest ocean, lake or reservoir.

Kiteboarding Riding Styles Recap

Most riders will have multiple styles they are familiar with and enjoy riding. The point of most riders is simply to be out engaging in their sport as often as possible. Kiteboarding is fun, exciting, and can be as safe as you choose to make it. Get out there and have fun knowing y our kiteboarding riding styles.

Kiteboarding Riding Styles Explained