Kiteboarding Practice Kite

What is a Kiteboarding Practice Kite?

A kiteboarding practice kite is a small agile trainer kite that many people use for learning kiteboarding – or kitesurfing (both terms mean the same thing.

These practice kites range in size from between one to three and half metres. Their compact size and quick turning radius make them effective at teaching the foundation for flying a larger power kite. You can use these to learn the Wind Window and Power Zone in a low-consequence environment.

kiteboarding practice kite

Purpose of a Kitesurfing Practice Kite

You can use these kites to train on the ground for kiteboarding but you can also use then to pull you onĀ  landboard or snowboard to get the feel of using the kite to generate power for movement. They can also be used for power kite jumps as they are strong enough (with the right wind speed and technique) to lift you up in the air.

Kiteboarding Practice Kite Tips

In this site you will learn how to determine the best size for your trainer (practice) kite when selecting your first beginner kite. You will also learn how to manage the kite and progress with your kite flying skills to avoid being pulled forward. We also list several training tips so you can to a quick start and be flying, boosting and simulating body dragging as fast (and safely) as possible.

Just remember that these practice kites are more commonly called trainer kites among those in the industry. So to avoid looking like a newbie, use that term from now on.