Kiteboarding Packages

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 PR: n/a  I: 2,140  L: 0  LD: 8,788  I: 83  Rank: 312001  Age: April 11, 2004  I: 0  whois source Robo: no Sitemap: yes  Rank: 88506  Price: 4725
Info  PR: n/a  I: 2,140  L: 0  LD: 8,788  I: 83  Rank: 312001  Age: April 11, 2004  I: 0  whois source Robo: no Sitemap: yes  Rank: 88506  Price: 4725 Density

Kiteboarding Packages

Trying to decide if a kiteboarding package is right for you? When first considering what gear to buy, the question usually comes up which type of products to buy, new or used, one kite, two kites, what board to get, and even what type of harness to buy. In all of these cases, there are some great reasons why purchasing your gear together in a packages is the best way to go.

The first reason is that when deciding what type of gear to get, a professional instructor can give you a solid package that will not only work for you from the start or your kiting career, but will also continue to work with you as you develop your talents and improve your riding.

Because the gear may have a decent amount of initial investment, it makes sense to get gear that you won’t have to trade in next season. The kites and boards we recommend are all top quality and if cared for properly, should last you several seasons. If you take care of your gear, it will usually maintain a relatively high resale value as well which means you can upgrade when you need to or keep those kites in good shape to use when the wind is just right or if you have a location that might end up trashing your new gear.

The second reason that purchasing a package together is a good idea is because you can typically get that package at a good discount off purchasing each of the components separately. This makes sense from a cost perspective. As a kiteboarding pro shop, we can also take what your budget is and make recommendations based on what you have available to spend. This means that there is a good possibility you can get a better setup that you thought possible.

The third reason is that you may be able to get multiple kites with some quantity discounting built into a lot of these packages. This may not always be the case, but many kiteboarding retailers will generate most of their revenue by the quantity of gear they sell. Review the packages that are available to see what types of deals we can make for you. Here is an example of what we can provide:

Kiteboarding Packages:

We put together several packages specific to those just getting into the sport and for intermediate riders looking to get all new gear. This is one of the best ways to get gear going from maybe a trainer to a full setup that will get you out and riding quickly. Here is an example of one of the packages we put together and will show you what is included:

Some Kiteboarding Package Options

Kite: Griffin Argo kitesurfing kite is a low to medium aspect kite which means it is perfect for those just getting started kiting and riding. This is one of the more stable kites that will not only keep you feeling secure when learning, but will remain a well used kite even as you progress towards intermediate and advanced kiting. The package is priced based on kite size, so determine what size you’ll need based on your weight and the average wind speed where you’ll be doing most of your riding. When in doubt, stay somewhere in the middle of the road.

Board: Griffin Flying Phish board is a freeride board that will handle just about any conditions. The board is slightly larger than some of the wake style boards which will help those just getting started plane easier than with a short board. Not only that, but this board will also double as an excellent light wind board.

Harness: Options include either a seat harness or waist harness. Both have some advantages and disadvantages, so this one is more a matter of personal preference. Intermediate riders enjoy the waist harness more as it will provide all the support needed without the extra baggage. As far as the seat harness goes, the main benefit is that it won’t ride up around your chest which happens when you have the kite directly overhead.

Accessories: The bar and lines are included with the kite and are designed around a high end safety system that will ensure you have an easy “escape” any time it’s needed. The board also comes with foot pads and straps as well as a board handle for holding the board while getting your feet in place for the ride. The fins on the board are also included and typically come pre-installed. Lastly, there is a pump and kite bag included.

This is the gear that any new kiteboarder would need to get out and ride and one example of how you can leverage an entire package to get a significant discount on the overall cost if you were to buy each component separately. In this case, not only would this specific package amount to a free harness (worth $100+), but also have an additional reduction in the cost of the kite + board.

Any good shop can also put together a special package deal that includes multiple components even if the package isn’t necessarily listed on their website. Work with your instructor or one of the pros at the shop to organize what it is you want and asking for that discount or what type of deal can be put together is a great way to have some extra cash in your pocket for more lessons or gas money to get you to and from your favorite spot.

We can work with you as well if you have either already taken lessons from us or plan on taking lessons to provide a discount on new gear that may help offset the cost of lessons altogether or provide a discount on the gear. Again, work with us via the website or by phone or even better in person and we’ll work with your existing budget to get you setup with the best gear your budget can buy.

Kiteboarding packages are not necessarily unique just to kitesurfing or water kiting. We can also put together packages for snow kiting or land-based kiting. In either of these cases, we do offer some discounts when purchasing harnesses together with the kites or as we have an excellent selection of land boards, we can put together a great package that includes all you need to get riding quickly with a kiteboarding package.

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