Kiteboarding Lessons in the Hamptons

Kiteboarding Lessons in the Hamptons

Summers finally here and we’re all ready to get out to the beaches this summer. Give your family some excitement and sign up for a day or even week-long kitesurfing Hamptons course with Power Kites Direct. Kitesurfing is a growing sport world-wide and that’s no different here in the Hamptons. You can take a lesson individually, with a friend or take a training camp with your whole family. Try something new on your next vacation or improve on what you’ve already learned, and feel the thrill of Hamptons kiteboarding.

Kitesurfing Lessons in the Hamptons

We at Power Kites Direct offer kitesurfing lessons in the Hamptons, and our unique programs allow you to progress at your own pace. And if you want to learn to kiteboard, a lesson is always recommended, because the sport it not something you can pick up just by getting the gear. You’ll need to learn the correct techniques from a professional. It’s important to learn the right way to kitesurf, before you learn bad habits that can hinder the advancement of your skills later on. The Hamptons have seemingly endless amounts of large sandy beaches with shallow waters where you can learn from the pros in a safe environment. Sign your family up for kitesurfing Hamptons lessons today to make your next trip out the best one yet.

Hamptons Kiteboarding Costs

Kitesurfing with Power Kites Direct in the Hamptons have varying rates and programs for aspiring kiteboarders. Most individual lessons average $150 for a one-hour, one-on-one. These are the most recommended lessons, because the lesson is all about you and advancing your kitesurfing abilities. Instructors can teach you to kiteboard for the first or time, or help you advance your airs and spins. Semi-private lessons with two students are common as well and are a little less expensive per person ($100 per person) if you’re not completely set on the one-on-one experience. You can even kitesurf Hamptons when we offer camps that last a few days. Kitesurfing camps are more thorough, but after a few days of 2-3 hour sessions, you have the skills to head out and kitesurf on your own anywhere in the world.

Kitesurfing Hamptons FAQ

Is kitesurfing safe?
Kitesurfing is a safe sport once you have learned the basics and safety precautions from a qualified professional instructor.

Do I need to buy a wetsuit for my lesson?
Check with the company you are using to see if a wetsuit is included in your lesson. Many companies do include wetsuits and some have them available for an additional rental, but if this isn’t offered, you’ll need to buy or rent a wetsuit if you’re planning to take lesson in cold water. In July and August a wetsuit is not usually needed.

Will I be able to kitesurf alone after my lesson?
If you want to be able to kitesurf independently it is best to take a series or a Hamptons kiteboarding camp. Much of the difficulty in kite surfing involves being able to fly the kite properly. This can take a few days to master and is perfected best with a qualified trainer. Roughly ten hours of kiteboarding lessons will have you prepared to kiteboard independently.

Kitesurf the Hamptons Training

It is a great idea to do some kitesurf training before you even head to your lessons. A number of trainer kites are available and since a majority of your kitesurfing kills rely on your kite flying abilities, knowing how to properly fly the kite can make your kitesurfing lessons Hamptons experience more enjoyable. Trainer kites are available online and in most kite stores, and a lot of shops will work out a trade-in option for when you longer need the trainer kite. All aspects of kiteboard training are extremely important even if you’re an experienced kitesurfer. Simple things like changes in wind direction can be a big change for someone who is not properly trained to handle varying conditions. Kitesurfing lessons can also provide experienced kiteboarders with the training they need to advance their skills whether it be changing directions, carving into the water or getting air.

Kitesurfing in the Hamptons is a great opportunity to jump into a new hobby that could very well turn into a life-long obsession. Sign your family up for kiteboarding lessons and make your next trip to the Hamptons the most exciting one yet.


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