Where Did Kiteboarding Come From? A History Lesson From People Who Know

744758_kitesurf_3Have you been at the beach recently, and noticed something new out on the water? Perhaps you were surprised to see a surfer attached to a kite? That’s kitesurfing (also often called kiteboarding).

Kites were developed in China way back in 478 BC. Kites were used militarily in Asia and Europe to fly banners, or calculate distances to enemy lines for years. Much later, China began using kite propulsion to move objects on land and on sea. During the 1750’s, Benjamin Franklin used kites to help collect electricity from storm clouds in Philadelphia. Now fast forward to 1998, the first kitesurfing “world cup” was held in Hawaii with only a few participants.

Now, kiteboarding has become much more popular, and continues to grow exponentially every year. Despite the inherent dangers involved in kitesurfing, there have only been a few kiteboarding related fatal accidents. There is a slew of safety guidelines to keep in mind and safety equipment to wear when kitesurfing, and it’s even recommended that the kitesurfer carry signaling devices in the event he or she gets carried to far out to sea.

Kitesurfing popularity is growing, and now is the time to jump in the water and try it yourself!