Your Questions About Kiteboarding Harnesses

Michael asks…

Kiteboarding and harness’?

Hey, just bought a 14 m naish raven kiteboard kite, but with no harness. I was wondering about what kind fo harness i should get, how much im looking to pay for and if it matters if the harness is made by a different company. Recommendations, advice. You experience with this. Anything would help. Thanks!

kiteboarding answers:

It is always best to keep brands together. Therefore find yourself the right Naish harness even if it’s through eBay.

Carol asks…

I’m looking for kiteboarding equipment.?

As the title says, I’m looking for kiteboarding equipment. Harness, board, kite, the whole deal. Could anyone recommend a website where I could find all this stuff for a good deal? Preferably under 1,500-1,750. I’m not looking for the best, just something to get me started.

kiteboarding answers:

Why not just Ebay, my brother bought his 14 meter kite + harness, board and kite for about $1300 (australian)

no problems with it, runs fine.

But if you don’t trust buying of one of those kinda sites then try not as cheap but your guaranteed quality..

Linda asks…

Do you have to pay import tax shipping from the US to Japan?

I want to buy a kiteboarding package including a kite, board and harness and have it shipped to Japan. The stuff isn’t cheap and I was wondering if I will get charged import tax for a new product coming from the US.

kiteboarding answers:

Depending on the value, you may or may not have to pay a fee. Not sure what it is at this time.

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