Complete Kiteboarding Gear Package

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Complete Kiteboarding Gear Package $1395

When you’re ready to get serious with your kiteboarding progress, you’ll want to get your own gear. Renting gear all the time is expensive and it also makes learning more difficult as you’ll spend half your valuable time adapting to the new gear.

That’s why we’ve put together this entire kiteboarding package from Star Kites. It includes their award winning Taina kite, their cutting-edge Nex bar and an awesome board and harness setup. Here’s how we discovered this brand. I was in Cabarete last year and saw a ton of these kitesurfing kites with a star on them. They looked solid and the people riding them were throwing some very cool tricks. I asked around and heard that Star Kites was a local brand. I found the owner, introduced myself and got to test ride the 7, 9, 10, 12 and 14 meter Taina kite, along with the NEX bar and the Edge board.

If you are looking for an all-around kite, you likely want to do a little bit of everything and need a kite with well-balanced characteristics. But riders have different personalities, different mindsets out on the water, and that means a different definition of their ideal all-around kite.

They designed the Taina to promote progression especially for riders who are powerful, playful, and dynamic. If you like to do a little of everything on the water, and like to be actively in control of responsive high-energy fun, the Taina was designed to be the one ideal kite. Suitable for learning on, this kite will never be outgrown, and will take you are far as you want to go.

This year the Taina has been refined and has added features, while still maintaining the performance characteristics that everybody loves about these kites.

Right off the kite felt responsive like it had direct steering. The bridles were simple and clean and the over all delta-hybrid shape seems to work in the widest range of conditions. This 3 strut kite was also light weight compared to many of the other brands, this probably contributed to it’s flickable, responsive feel.


  • Easy to use, and very easy to fly. Anyone could jump on this kite and have fun.
  • Turns quick and has a direct bar to kite feel.
  • Very easy to relaunch. Perfect for beginner to intermediate riders.
  • Can jump big without being scary.
  • Smooth and controllable in gusty conditions.


  • Original bar had long bridle lines (the NEX bar fixes that problem).

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Edge Kiteboard For Your Kiteboarding Gear Package

The Edge is Star Kites answer to a great board for riders progressing to the next level. It has all the performance of an intermediate/advanced board but is still comfortable and easy to ‘plane on’ for beginners.

For 2013 Starkites has increased the rigidity of the board and squared the tips in order to give maximum jumping potential. It has a controlled flex that lets the tips bend early than the center which makes landings more smooth and controllable.

  • STRONG upwind characteristics
  • Single concave ability from tip to tip that provides excellent edging abilities
  • Solid wood core with ABS rails and heavy duty finishing means this board is light and durable.
  • The 132cm size is ideal for stronger winds or lighter riders who need maximum control.
  • The 137cm size is ideal for beginners and those in lighter wind or heavier riders.

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The NEX Bar For Your Kitesurfing Gear Package

This bar encompasses all the suggestions riders look for in a beginner/intermediate bar. The coolest feature is probably the adjustable bar length that lets you use one bar for large and small kites – no more buying several bars for you smallest and biggest in your quiver. It also features a nice ergonomic design that’s sturdy enough to throw handle passes and hooks back in with ease.

Here are some more features of the NEX kiteboarding bar:

  • Pre-stretched, color folded and durable lines
  • Simple and effective de-power system for maximum control on the water, making sure you can handle all situations.
  • Chunky floaters for maximum bar flotaton.
  • Redesigned bar ends make it easy to pack your lines away tangle-free and well organized.
  • Thin and sturdy – one of the most comfortable bars we’ve ever tested.
  • Adjustable bar length!!!!! Make this your ONE bar for all kites.
  • Swivel works great, chicken loop is easy to use and fast.
  • Very easy to untwist your lines on the spot.

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Kitesurfing Gear Harness Option

The StarKites 3D harness matches Comfort and Ergonomics without neglecting Mobility. Dedicated to progressive riders, the 3D class harness will match your riding style and level. Its anatomical 3D shape made of thermoformed EVA 25mm ensures a perfect and comfortable fit. Internal foam in addition to a special fiber batten will support ergonomically your back in all moves and rotations.

Being a key advantage to fully enjoy each session, mobility is provided a form fitting belt to help bending forward, for example during forward rotation. Includes a handle pass leash line for free movement without having to modify your harness.


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To get your gear shipped out fast at the lowest possible price, email us at