Kiteboarding Closeout Sale Specials

Everyone Loves A Closeout

Take advantage of special deals on clearance inventory to get new kite gear at a deep discount. Supplies are limited, so order now.

Montana VI 12.5m

Perfect for light wind flying or whenever you need that extra boost. An open-cell depower foil with lines, bar & bag included. Colors may vary.

Was $1219, now $850



A true crossover kite, the NEO 2 is a closed cell design that is water relaunchable and ready to ride on any surface. Available in two sizes:

NEO 2 11m – was $1299, now $799

NEO 2 14m -was $1399, now $820

Kite Bars

Extra Rush trainer kite bars with line and safety systems included.

3-Line Bar – 385 lb over 220 lb Dyneema Lines x 65′. Third line safety system with wrist leash. #RUSHB3 – $55.00 each

2-Line Bar – Two 320 lb Dyneema lines x 65 ft. Includes safety leash. #RUSHB2 – $40.00 each

Trainer Kite Bags

Various colors. Each includes a shoulder strap and is a perfect storage solution for random kiting accessories.

#RUSHBAG – $30.00 each

How to order?

Just email us at and we’ll send you an invoice.

Or call (214) 556-5602 to place the order directly.

Haura Kiteboard

Designed for riders seeking a board with maximum versatility. It features enough flex to give incredible Control and comfort and absorbing chop. The Haura is a cruising, carving, jumping weapon, with fast and endless power. Semi directional mode, offset at the back of the board, allows the ability to charge big waves with plenty of grip, allowing incredible bottom turns. Free ride / freestyle ratio 70 / 30.

Available in two sizes: 135 x 38.5 cm, 135 x 40.5 cm

Was $699 – Now $475 each