To Kiteboard Or Kitesurf – They Aren’t Quite The Same, So Get The Right One For You

6740_kiteboarderThere’s a crossroads in everyone’s life in which an important decision that could affect your entire future is at hand. Such as the question: should I kiteboard, or kitesurf?

They aren’t exactly the same. Yes, they’re both wind and water sports, where the ultimate goal is not to fall off. Kite surfing usually refers to the style much like regular surfing, where you “ride the wave”, whereas kiteboarding is more defined as freestyle or wake-style (where you hop over small crests of water known as wakes).

The principles of kiteboarding are thought to have been first developed in China around the 13th century, when the Chinese began using kites as a method of propulsion. After further developments by the English and Germans, the first kiteboard design came to fruition.

With the first kitesurfing competition held in 1998 in Hawaii, kitesurfing has grown in popularity, and boards and lessons have popped up all over the world. The equipment needed to kiteboard consists of flying lines, a control bar, a kite harness, the board, wet-suit, helmet,
and even signaling devices useful to those kite-surfers who find themselves too far from the shore.

There are some inherent dangers involved in kitesurfing or kiteboarding. But if you buy the right safety gear, and get proper instruction, you can be on your way to kitesurfing in no time.