Kite Surf Lessons Hamptons

Kite Surfing In The Hamptons

Learning to kitesurf in the Hamptons on Long Island can be lots of fun. The wind here blows southwest and aligns with Long Island. This creates the ideal spot for kitesurfing. Lessons provide a more enjoyable and a lot safer experience. What people don’t always realize is that attempting to kitesurf without any formal training can not only be hazardous to yourself but others in your area as well. Be sure to know the area well. The majority of accidents are caused either by being under-prepared or under-educated in the sport.
Learning to kitesurf in the Hamptons is amazing. Your gear will play quite a large role in your learning curve. Basic gear includes kites, boards and your harness. A trainer kite can also be purchased to use for practicing what you have learned during your lessons. Each kite is different and you will need one that will work specifically for your location. To prevent this problem when traveling, most kitesurfers own two or three different kites. When first learning, one is sufficient enough.
Practice makes perfect. Just like with any sport or hobby, it takes a lot of practice to get it down. Kitesurfing is no different. You have to stay dedicated and not give up. Most kitesurfers remember learning themselves and will offer a helping hand. The majority of these will assist in launching your kite or just giving you some tips. Remember that your gear is matched up for certain conditions and if your practicing on a day when the conditions don’t match up, it will be much easier to get frustrated. Start with days that match your conditions for the added confidence.

While practicing, there are a few different areas to work on. You should work on your relaunches, staying on the board, switching directions and also diving your kite to get out of the water. Be sure to know your surroundings and have the confidence of kite control down before surfing with a large group of people. It is quite easy to lose control of your kite and have it torpedo down on someone.

Here in the Hamptons, you can get as many professional lessons as you need to learn this up-and-coming sport in no time. You are able to move along at your own pace and only advance when you and your instructor think you are ready. This can be a great activity for kids as well after going through the proper training and safety. Always stay with your kids. Never let them kitesurf alone even if they seem to have the basics down. A shift in wind change that is unexpected can cause panic.
Long Island has always been a great place for beach activities from surfing, boogie boarding and swimming to football and volleyball. Now we can add a newer sport to the list with kitesurfing. This new and exciting sport can offer you hours upon hours of enjoyment and entertainment. Why wait? Take lessons and start kitesurfing at the Hamptons in Long Island today.

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