HQ Apex 5 (V) Kite

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HQ Apex 5 (V) Kite $749

Introducing the newly designed HQ Apex V depower kite. If you are looking for a fantastic work-horse traction kite, this kite has you covered. This kite is amazing in snow but also excels at landboarding and kite buggying. A step up from the HQ Beamer, the HQ Apex V provides real ease of depower to take your power kiting to the next level.

Bottom line: The Apex is the perfect entry level depower kite. We say “entry level” because it is the most affordable depower kite available anywhere. It is a stable power that will get you where you want to go. This year HQ has refined the Apex Kiteskiing Kite to provide an outstanding level of performance and handling included in a very affordable package. Beginners will feel comfortable with the kite’s reliable and stable flight characteristics, whilst the kite delivering ample power for the more seasoned kiters.

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HQ Apex V Power Kite

Includes free harness w/ purchase

The HQ Apex IV was a great improvement to its 2013 model. This year HQ has improved the Apex even further by releasing the HQ Apex V. The Apex V has been developed for beginners and intermediate riders to excel at power kiting and snowkiting. New improvements include a better control system, making handling easier in critical situations, and a new color of kite to every size. The Apex V flies with stability and ease, and since the pre-attached lines and bar are included you’re ready to fly!

We love HQ kites super clean control bar with loads of safety built in. The color kite-line sets are optimum for snowkiting.

We highly recommend a harness to get the most out of your Apex snow kite. A power kite waist harness is generally recommended for most riders for ease of use and movement.

The HQ Apex comes complete with control bar, lines and backpack carrying bag.


What HQ has to say about the Apex V

When you can trust your kite 100% your skills progress to where you can climb the steepest mountains. The Apex V is your new partner to achieve this goal. You can count on the advanced and easier handling in all situations. Improved control and progressive flying characteristics make the Apex V a great choice for backcountry riding or your challenging entry into the world of powerkiting.

Harness Options

Extra small and XXL sizes are available upon request.

2015 Dakine Chameleon Harness


Dakine has really knocked it out of the park with their new hybrid waist/seat harness. If you are new to the sport of kiteboarding and are not sure if you want a waist harness or seat harness, the Chameleon is for you.

Harness Size Inches Centimeters
X-Small 28-30″ 71-76cm
Small 30-32″ 76-81cm
Medium 32-34″ 81-86cm
Large 34-36″ 86-91cm
X-Large 36-38″ 91-96cm


2015 Dakine Renegade Harness


Most package deals you find out there come with a basic harness, ?functional, yet lacking the sophistication of more high-end models. The Renegade is an uncompromising premium harness that promises and delivers both comfort and longevity. The Dakine Renegade is a must for those who are planning on spending serious time on the water, and want something that will last for years to come.

We really are impressed with the very clean control bar. There are tons of safety features built-in and the kite-line sets are perfect for snow kiting. We high recommend a harness to maximize the use of your Apex kite. A power kite waist harness is generally recommended for most rider for ease of use and movement.

The HQ Apex comes complete with control bar, lines and backpack carrying bag.


Our Review of the HQ Apex V

Our initial impression is that this kite feels like a much more expensive kite. quality of the lines, backpack are really superb. The bar has an easy to reach strap for the depower adjustment.The kite itself is sturdy and well stitched.

The Apex V launches effortlessly in light winds by just tugging the center line. We also had no trouble with the reverse launch in both light and moderate winds (we didn’t have a high wind day to try it but assume it would be the same or easier).

In the air the kite feels grunty and confident. The kite feels a bit smaller than it’s respective size whether 3.5 or 13 meter as it turns quick and steers true with the bar. The depower works as it should, just slide it away from you and the power drops down fast. A very responsive kite and has become our

go-to kite for skiing the backcountry, piloting a buggy or landboarding.

What we really like about this kite is that it is stable. No unpredictable lifts or sketchy behavior. It’s direct, solid and does what it should. Though we were able to get some nice lofty airs in +20knots. It sits back in the window and a bit better behaved than the HQ Montana (which is superb for those needing more advanced performance and lift in their jumps). We also found the HQ Apex forgiving on landings as it floated us slowly back to the ground.

  • New shape for more performance and depower
  • Very stable and easy to handle
  • Good turning speed
  • Wide usable wind range
  • High quality contruction
  • Stitched dyneema bridle for strength
  • 270kg (595 lb) coloured Dyneema flying lines
  • Includes depower control bar, backpack and guide book

To sum up, we found the Apex to be an excellent value for the money. Coming close to the performance off the more expensive kites with an added stability factor we liked. One of the best reviews we’ve done. We highly recommend this kite to all put competition level kiters.

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