HQ Hydra H2O Relaunch

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HQ Hydra Trainer Kite


Why Is The HQ Hydra The Trainer Kite of the Year?

The HQ Hydra kite is the first and only water relaunchable trainer kite. I have to admit that when we got this at the shop, we were skeptical. Other manufacturers have tried water relaunching powerkites and failed at it but this kite really works nicely.

HQ Hydra Kitesurfing Trainer Kite

The most practical trainer kite we have ever tested due to its versatility. It excels at all forms of kiting:

- Kiteboarding training on the water and land

- Body dragging

- Downwinders with tubes, boards, kayaks etc

- Fun flying on land and in the water

- It’s really 2 kites for the price of 1

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Over 70% of the earth`s surface is covered by water – now you can train on it.

HQ Power kites introduces the HQ Hydra Trainer Kite

The world`s first and only water relaunchable trainer foil. Extremely stable and easy to fly, this closed cell ram–air foil has no bladders to inflate or replace, yet it floats on water. A third line provides the safety system and the ability to reverse launch, making it perfect for use with absolute beginners. The Hydra flies great in low winds and generates plenty of pull for bodydrags when the wind is strong.

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Hydra Power Kite 350 Sale

The third line allows easy re-launching and provides and effective safety system. They Hydra is equipped with dirt-outs and a quick deflation vent. This easy to fly kite comes fully complete with flying lines already attached and ready to fly. All in all, this is the most complete trainer on the market for learning how to kitesurf. You can transition from learning on land to water easily and without having to switch kites!

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Hydra Water Trainer Kite in Action

The HQ Hydra is a kite suitable for anyone who wants to power kiting on the water. It has a huge wind range and will generate plenty of pull when the wind strengthens. The closed cell construction and self-closing air inlet vents enable the Hydra to float on water. Since you can use this for both land and water, this kite is indispensable and the best learning tool out there.

HQ Hydra Features (all included):

* ready to fly out of the bag – lines are already attached

* closed cell system provides water relaunchability

* easy to relaunch in any position with third line system

* safety system included

* internal drainage system with dirt-outs

* stitched Dyneema bridle for strength

* Wind range is 4-29 knots

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Hydra Power Kite Chart

Accessories (all included):

* triangle backpack

* control bar

* Dyneema line set

* trainer kite guide

We are not sure why other companies haven’t thought of this, but the ability to train on water really raises the bars for all other kites. We have people buying the Hydra for kayaking and tubes so the whole family can use it. It’s a smart design that will stand the test of time. We use it more than anything else for teaching now.


Can use on land and water. Simple and good fun. You will never sell let this kite or let it collect dust.


We truly can’t find anything that could be improved on this kite-it’s the perfect land, water and all-around fun kite. The Hydra is the most requested and sold kite that we offer.


Only $265.99 for the 3 Meter (red) and $322.99 for the 3.5 Meter (green).


Lowest prices available anywhere.

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