Rush V PRO Trainer Kite

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Rush V PRO Trainer Kite $218.49

The RUSH V PRO Trainer Kite

Excels in Kitesurfing Training Under All Conditions

The RUSH 5 PRO is one of our top-rated trainer kites to help new pilots get comfortable with power kite flying and avoid beginners mistakes. It comes complete and ready-to-fly with Control Bar, including safety leash and flying Lines already attached.

The Rush V Pro is a great choice for starting to power kite. Flown on three lines, this foil remains easily controllable and does not overstrain the pilot if he/she wants with his first flying attempts in moderate winds.? In the upper wind range, the Rush IV will pull strongly and increase in speed.

This foil, which is available in?three sizes, does not overstrain beginners in light to moderate wind,?but?has enough reserves to never be boring!

The all new HQ Rush 5 Pro has been designed for even better performance. Accompanied with a third line – the HQ Rush 5 Pro makes getting into the sport of power kiting even more safer and easier to relaunch your kite! Can be used as part of your kite surf training on land or for learning the basics of kite handling with the idea to progress to kiteboarding or landboarding.

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HQ Rush 5 Pro

The HQ Rush 5?is an ideal kite for all board-sports that use a bar, giving you smooth user-friendly power to develop your kiting technique. If the kiter gets into trouble – simply let go the bar and the kite will fall to the ground with no power. Then pick the bar back up and get going again.

With its simple bridle construction, low aspect ratio and easy relaunch system, the HQ Rush 5 (V) Pro is an easy kite to control and comes complete and ready to fly!


* Easy handling – very easy to control.
* Constant Power – making it easy for those less experienced to get going.
* Stability – a very stable foil so you are not focusing on keeping your kite in the air, more time for pure fun!
* Low Aspect Ratio for easy handling and predictable flying behavior
* Specially designed new profile with a relatively strong pull over a large segment of the wind window.
* Very Smooth and Stable flying characteristics – making the HQ Rush 5 very easy to maneuver and fly.
* Durable constructions with reinforced profile and sewn bridling.
* HQ Rush 5 Pro Trainer Kite Control Bar – for easy relaunch and safety.
* Kite safety leash IS included. Other shops will not include the leash, or charge you $7-$10 more to get one.

HQ Rush Kite

The HQ Rush Pro is great for skidding and jumping and is a great way to getting used to flying kites. When steering the HQ Rush Pro in medium winds, you will start to feel the pull of the kite. Don’t run forward when the kite starts pulling, just lean back and slide on your feet!

HQ Rush 5 (V) Pro for landboarding: The 300 or 350 Pros are the ideal entry point in the range for the kiter wanting a kite for training as well as their first kite for landboarding while still being easy to control.
kitesurfing trainer kite

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