Scout III Traction Kite

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Scout III Traction Kite $399

HQ Scout III Traction Kite

The HQ Scout III is the ideal kite if you want to enter the world of snowkiting and landboarding. At the same time, it excels as a kiteboarding traction kite on land. The brand-new X-over safety bar system offers ultimate safety and a complete new feel of bar flying.

The newly designed Scout III delivers a high quality but affordable package for the entry into the world of traction kiting. Performance and turning speed of the Scout were significantly improved. The Scout guarantees you always will be safe out on your board of skis. This Scout kite provides loads of easy handling fun for beginners and advanced pilots a like.

  • Adjustable turning speed and power
  • 3rd line safety
  • Improved upwind performance
  • Excellent light wind characteristics
  • Impressing stability pilots can always rely on for snow and land use
  • Safety control bar included
  • Dyneema line set included

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The HQ Scout is also the combined result of customer feedback and continuous testing at all the HQ training centers worldwide.

The HQ Scout III Traction Kite

The new HQ SCOUT III is the perfect choice for entering the the power kite world and want a control bar.
It doesnt matter, if you are using it on land or snow, the SCOUT provides a SIGNIFICANT bump up in performance over trainer kites. Without any safety risk.

Although featuring the steering and turning you would usually find in a much more advanced power kite, the HQ SCOUT is easy to control and fun as heck to fly.

By using very stable flight aerodynamics and an effective safety-system, progressing with the Scout is one of the easiest and most intuitive kites we have flown. This is a great step up from the 2 and 3 line trainer kites, without any safety risks.

Its amazing how tight you can make controlled kite loops with this kite.

HQ Scout 3 Kite

The HQ Scout has created a kite specifically designed to meet the needs of any power kiting enthusiast, be it kite landboarding, snow kiting or general traction kiting.

The HQ Scout kite will allow the beginner to progress further, faster and safer and still delivers more than enough performance to keep intermediate fliers content.

The HQ Scout provides the utmost safety on a control bar for easy access to powerkiting, landboarding and snowkiting:

  • The HQ Scout is designed to fly using more pressure on the front lines, meaning its optimum performance is with a bar set up. Ideal for Kite landboarding and beginning snowkiting.
  • A new layout of diagonal reinforcements through out the kite giving increased durability, more power and better stability making the HQ Scout very easy to fly.
  • The rear lines on the kite are threaded through small ceramic-coated rings, giving a smooth feel whilst flying on the bar.

hq scout traction kite

HQ Scout Wind Range and Specs

A new designed control bar provides a highly effective and easy to use activate safety system, meaning it kills the power instantly by applying the rear break lines for you.

The HQ Scout kite is extremely stable and very forgiving making it an ideal kite to learn on and progress very quickly.

HQ Scout Traction Kite

Rated 5/5 based on 25 reviews

It has an adjustable bridle allowing you to fine tune the kite and set it to you own preference in all kinds of conditions, making it turn faster or slower to suit your style.

HQ Scout Kite

Comes complete with:

    • HQ Scout Traction Kite
    • New revolutionary X-Over control bar: massive power
    • quicker turning speed ? super stable
    • Bar kite with handle feeling
    • High quality backpack
    • Sewn bridle
    • Dyneema colored flying lines
    • The safety-leash system

Although this is a seriously fun kite, it provides a ton of value for the performance.And we have lowest price anywhere on this kite!

And we have our no-risk buy-back policy if you want to upgrade or change later on!

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