HQ Montana 7 Snowkite

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HQ Montana 7 Snowkite $1035

Introducing the New Redesigned…

HQ Montana 7

2012 Montana 7  – Jumping machine – Landboard & Snowkiting Kite

The HQ Montana Snowkite 7 is an amazing foil kite that combines stability and performance using developments in paragliding technology. A higher aspect ratio and more efficient profile provide increased de-power with quicker turning and faster flying speed.

Constructed without stiff mylar laminate sail cloth, the canopy is better able to absorb gusts for greater stability.

With performance and safety in mind, we continuously raise the bar with new kite generations. The new Montana 7 has been adjusted once more for landboarding and snowkiting high performance. The optimal light wind characteristicsand easy handling in difficult conditions sums up the brand  new 2012 Montana 7. This kite has a predictable nature to let you push the envelope. The reduced thickness in the bridle lines give the kite more wind range than ever before. You need to fly these kites to believe them, the hang time and lift will bring you the missing element in your flying and the confidence to do it:

  • Reduced bridle thickness for more performance
  • Easy to fly for stress-free landboard and snowkite fun
  • Incredible lift and hangtime
  • HUGE depower
  • Designed with paragliding expert Tom Bourdeau

HQ Montana Snowkite

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The Montana VII Kite is easy to handle while offering high end performance for the demanding pilot.

The bar system has been redeveloped and the new molded chicken loop offers increased safety and user-friendliness.
The new backpack is even more technical and offers attachment points for all kinds of boards, helmets and harnesses. Whether you want to explore the backcountry or focus on freestyle, the HQ Montana Snowkite 7 delivers.

Design Features:

  • Leash-less safety system
  • Double pulley speed system with Ronstan Stainless Steel Pulleys
  • Y-Line design, 3×22m (7m², 9.5m²) or 25m (12.5m²), 500 kp and 300 kp colored lines
  • New 50 cm (7m², 9.5m²) or 60cm (12.5m²) composite bar and state of the art chickenloop
  • Redesigned shape for more turning speed and depower
  • Water repellent skin, highest quality materials
  • Bomb proof construction
  • Canopy without mylar laminate sail cloth for greater stability, especially in gusty winds
  • Simple re-launch
  • Easy handling
  • Dirt-outs at wing tips

Montana 7 from HQ Kites Landboarding Snowkiting Kite

Sizes: 7, 9, 12, 14

Package contents:

  • Kite
  • Bar with lines
  • Technical Backpack
  • Repair pack
  • Comprehensive manual


Interested in getting your Montana Version 7 fast? Including the extras mentioned Click below: