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HQ Kites Overview $0

HQ Kites

There is really no better way to describe HQ kites than what their own initials stand for which is High Quality. The kites are designed to not only take a beating, but continue to perform time and again. This company dedicates a lot of time and effort into ensuring the design and materials are solid on every kite they make.
HQ Powerkites is a company from Germany and with the same precise design and manufacturing that is synonymous with German engineering, you’ll find these kites are crafted with both safety and performance in mind. From the kite design to the high quality bars, these HQ kites will help you satisfy your desire to ride.

HQ Power Kites Line-up

The lineup of kites offered by HQ include foil kites ranging from some of the best trainer kites in the industry to high performing kites for snow-kiting and land-boarding. In addition to their high quality, these kites are also very affordable which make them a perfect addition to any quiver.


HQ Rush 3 (III) – 2 Line Trainer Kite

If you’re looking to get into kiting, an inexpensive trainer kite will help introduce you to the sport and get you hooked! This is a kite that will fit just about any budget and although the cost is low, the quality and attention to detail built into each of these kites is very high.

The HQ Rush will fly in very little wind which makes it ideal for practicing or even playing around on the beach waiting for the wind to pick up. Family and friends can even have fun with this kite as an introduction to the sport. This kite does have a quick and easy relaunch feature built in which means you can play around with the kite without worrying about needing a “kite slave” to help you relaunch each time. It doesn’t include the same 3rd line feature the Rush 4 includes, but it can relaunch.HQ Rush 4 (IV) Pro – 3 Line Trainer Kite.

For the next step up in trainer kites, the HQ Rush Pro includes a 3rd line for an easy reverse launch as well as the ability to fold the edges in while flying for an easy landing as well. This great trainer kite comes with all of the benefits and features built into its predecessor including a low price point, yet does include that third line which makes relaunching incredibly easy.

Although perhaps not the same quality as the dedicated traction kites used for land-boarding or snow-kiting, this 3 to 3.5 meter kite can definitely give some massive pull, especially if the wind is raging!

HQ Hydra H2O Relaunch – Trainer Kite

HQ KitesIf you take all of the superior features and benefits of the Rush and Rush Pro and then add the ability to launch off of the water, you’ll end up with the HQ Hydra. The technology used in the design of this kite prevents the kite cells from filling with water when the kite inevitably hits the water.Many kite manufacturers have attempted this with water re-launchable foils and many have failed.

HQ kites has done an excellent job creating a kite that allows for some of the benefits trainer kites should be utilized for, such as body dragging, down wind riding with other floating vehicles, such as tubes, boards & kayaks.As this Hydra has all the features included with the other land kites, this is also our recommendation as a all-around trainer kite that can be used in some heavy winds or for on the water training as well


HQ Matrixx

This is one of the kites where HQ gets into the higher aspect kites that enable the riders to experience the light feel of the foil kite while still being able to relaunch from the water. The turning for this HQ Matrix is very fast and responsive. As a high aspect ratio kite, the Matrix also has some excellent boosting potential.

With a lot of crossover capabilities, the HQ Matrixx has emerged as an excellent all-in-one kite allowing riders to leverage multiple seasons of snow in the late fall through early spring with a transition into summer and early fall water or land-based riding. Many riders also make it a priority to ride their land-boards multiple times per year which this kite happens to be a perfect fit.

HQ Neo 2 (II)

The HQ Neo is another true “crossover” kite with the ability to get you riding on land, snow, or water. The design of the kite includes a closed cell system with the ability to stay afloat while on the water. This kite also has several great features that make it easy to fly and incredibly safe.

With the evolution in design, the HQ Neo offers tight, fast turning, increased depower, and higher jumps. The redesign includes larger intake of air to keep the kite pressured even in lighter winds. This kite can handle even the most advanced of riders as well as provide a solid, stable platform that works well for beginner or intermediate riders. Advanced riders will appreciate the high level of performance and the beginners may appreciate the forgiving nature of this kite and the exceptional TDS (Total Depower Safety) system for added peace of mind.

HQ Scout 2 (II)

The HQ Scout is the perfect kite for those looking to get into snowkiting and land-boarding, especially if coming from a power kite background. The bar system is a great way to introduce new riders to bar riding and as a traction kite on land or snow, this will be a great gateway kite which will have you hooked in no time. The kite is engineered to fly using pressure on the front lines which makes the kite ideal to fly using a bar setup.

In addition to being a very safe kite, the HQ Scout 2 is awesome to fly. The stability of the kite is forgiving in nature without sacrificing performance. This kite makes tight loops which, when used as a snowkite, will get you uphill easily meaning you may never have to buy another lift ticket! This kite has the capacity to introduce you to a whole new world of exploration of terrain you may never otherwise experience.

Apex 3 (III)

With huge low-end pulling capability, the HQ Apex 3 could be described as a fully qualified work-horse. This is a step up from the HQ Beamer and in addition to providing solid stability and reliability in many different wind conditions, the Apex 3 also delivers outstanding performance for the more seasoned riders.

HQ Power Kites

Rated 5/5 based on 418 reviews

The HQ Apex 3 uses a double-pulley system for speed which decreases the turning radius which translates into faster turns and more power. There is a closed cell design which will tend to increase the stability of the kite. The Apex 3 includes features that are available in more expensive kites which makes this a solid kite for those looking for a more advanced kite while being price-sensitive.

HQ Beamer 4 (IV)

This is HQ’s offering for a kite that will do it all! As a new kiteboarder, if you can only afford to get one kite, this one may be the right choice for you. With the ability to perform for land-boarding, buggy kiting, or snow kiting, the Beamer will give you great performance and lasting quality while keeping you as safe as possible.

The revisions to the HQ Beamer? over previous versions include improved acceleration, additional control over brake lines, and higher quality materials. This kite offers an easy way for traction kiters to transition to land-boarding or snowkiting. The control and easy handling of this kite make it perfect for beginners and intermediates and as a solid kite for any quiver.

HQ Montana 6 (VI)

The HQ Montana snowkite is a jumping machine! Taking the performance built into their kites, HQ have outdone themselves with this snowkiting dream machine. This foil kite redefines stability and performance in a high aspect ratio kite. Due to the quick turning, fast flying speed with the redesign and upgraded materials used in this kite, the Montana will cater to the riders looking for serious kiting and jumping.

This is a very safe and user-friendly kite which keeps things simple while out riding. Combine this feature with the sheer performance, and you have an ideal kite for snowkiting. Kiters that are in the intermediate to advanced range may have 2 or 3 of these Montana kites to cover multiple different wind ranges. For the rider that want to explore the backcountry or crush it freestyle, the Montana delivers!


HQ has multiple kites to cover multiple skill levels and rider types. While the core focus has always been on quality, they’ve done an excellent job modifying the design year to add additional levels of safety and performance. Finding a solid kite company with a passion for the sport where pro riders actively contribute with feedback is not always easy to do. In the case of HQ kites, the high quality in their name is truly represented in their kites.

The great thing about this company is they can take you from day one beginner to competing pro – and all without switching brands. You just need to pick which type of power kites you are looking for and HQ Kites will have you covered.

HQ Kites