HQ Beamer     4 Line Kite

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HQ Beamer 4 Line Kite $227.99

HQ Beamer Traction Kite

If You Only Buy 1 Traction Kite for Landboarding, Buggy Kiting or Snowkiting – This Beamer Does it All

The 2013 Beamer 5 (V) is the perfect kite for anyone getting into the sport and looking for an all-round kite they can use for traction kiting with a buggy or training.

The 4th generation of the HQ Beamer now comes with even more power and performance complete with characteristics you would expect from an all-rounder kite!

Its stability makes it very user-friendly and will speed up your learning curve when starting out in activities such as buggying, landboarding or snow kiting. Its power is very smooth and predictable allowing for fast and safe progression.
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Improved acceleration and control over the brake lines makes this kite – the ultimate choice among all-round power kites.

HQ Beamer Traction Kite

With its simple construction bridle construction and low aspect ratio, the HQ Beamer 4 IV is an easy kite to control and comes complete and ready to fly!

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HQ Beamer 4 Power Kite

If you have never flown a kite and want to fly one without the hassle of difficult control yet with the performance and controllability for buggying and landboarding – this HQ Beamer Kite 5 (V) is ideal!

HQ Beamer Traction Kite


* Easy handling – very easy to control. Even when flying the kite on 4-lines you can still easily steer it like a 2-line kite (left / right). This is great for kite flyers who want to get into 4-line flying or like a more easy to use 4-line kite with no surprises.
* Constant Power – making it easy for those less experienced to get going on a landboard or in a buggy. After steering the kite down into the wind – you dont really need to work the kite because it keeps pulling with constant power.

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Beamer Kite with Buggy

* Constant Flying Speed – very predictable flying behaviour. The HQ Beamer Kite 5 (V) does not suddenly accelerate and the flying speed as well as the turning is predictable which is great for people who are starting off buggying or landboarding.

HQ Beamers, 4 line traction kite

HQ Beamer Specs & Wind Range

* Stability – a very stable foil so you are not focusing on keeping your kite in the air, but simply having more time for pure fun on land, in a buggy or landboarding.
* Low Aspect Ratio for easy handling and predictable flying behavior
* Specially designed profile with a relatively strong pull over a large segment of the wind window.
* Improved acceleration and control over the brakes.
* More power for intermediate pilots.
* Stable and balanced flying performance.
* Easy control – perfect for beginner to advanced flyers in the sport.
* Dirt-outs int he wing-tips to clean debris from the kite.
* Stitched Pre-stretched bridle lines for even better performance.
* Quad Line handles with wrist leash safety system and ground stake loop
* Metal Ground stake for securing the kite to the ground.
* Redesigned bag pack
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The HQ Beamer 5 (V) is great for skidding and jumping and is a great way to getting used to flying 4-line kites. When steering the HQ Beamer 4 (IV) in medium winds, you will start to feel the pull of the kite. Don’t run forward when the kite starts pulling, just lean back and slide on your feet!

HQ Beamer 5 (V) for buggying: Jump into a buggy with a Beamer and you will experience what this kite can do. Whether it be for recreational cruising, freestyle or racing for fun – this kite will give you endless hours in a buggy.

HQ Beamer 5 (V) for landboarding: Using theis kite for landboarding is a fantastic choice to use. With its constant pull and no surprises this kite will get you cruising and sliding along without any trouble whatsoever!

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* HQ Beamer 5 (V) Power Kite -
* HQ Quad Flying Lines
* Quad Line handles with wrist leash safety system and ground stake loop
* Metal Ground stake for securing the kite to the ground.
* HQ Beamer 5 (V) Backpack
* Manual -

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HQ Kites Beamer Colors


-If you are looking for other traction kites such as the Neo, Apex or Montana – just contact us)

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