How to Kitesurf Tips: Connect Your Lines The Smart Way

How to Connect Your Line Ends for Tangle-Free Rigging

When wrapping up at the end of the day, take a minute and walk out your lines. After they are free, hook the port back and front lines together using the pigtails. Do the same for the starboard lines.


This will keep the ends from twisting in the wind when rigging the next time. You can do the same for your bridles on any SLE/Bow kitesurfing kite. Having this system down will speed up the process the next time you show at the beach and want to get out in the water immediately.


Take extra care to straighten lines after a self rescue.

After a clean landing, immediately hook the ends before wrapping your lines. This is true whether you have a trainer kite or kitesurfing kite

Have fun.

Robert Selfridge

PASA certified¬†instructor, USLA lifeguard,¬† Barnegat Light Fire dept. Surf Rescue Team, E.M.T…
Owner -operator: Cometa Copal Kitesurfing School
Playa Copal, Costa Rica

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