How to Kite Lessons: Using Quiet Hands for Kite Control

How to Kite Lessons: Using Quiet Hands for Kite Control

If you ever see someone on the beach who is flying a kite that is diving and behaving erratically, they are probably ‘overflying’ the kite. This means they are over-correcting by using kite control inputs that are too big for the current winds.

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The key is to use a concept called

“Quiet Hands”

In high winds, or any time you need extra kite control, use the “quiet hands” method on your control bar.

Beginners and experts alike can benefit from the added control of the quiet hands method.

Keeping your hands close to the center of the control bar, gives your kite more stability by reducing the ‘input’ on the kite. This in turn decreases overflying and over-correcting of the kite.

Keeping your hands centered reduces the leverage on today’s quicker more maneuverable kite surfing kites. This is invaluable to beginners using smaller trainer kites in higher winds.

Developing this technique and creating good muscle memory will help in further skill development. Riding one handed, up-wind, transitions and jumping will all be easier and more successful with the quiet hands method.

So Keep ’em Close for Better riding.


Practice quiet hands with a trainer kite.

Keep hands near the center.

If the kite is unresponsive, slide hands out –a little.

Move hands further apart with bigger kite surfing kites.

Have FUN!

Robert Selfridge

PASA certified instructor, USLA lifeguard,  Barnegat Light Fire dept. Surf Rescue Team, E.M.T…
Owner -operator: Cometa Copal Kitesurfing School
Playa Copal, Costa Rica

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